How to Access Outlook Email at Home

How to Access Outlook Email at Home
Written by Kami Shah

Outlook is a great email provider. However, most of the time, we only use our email on our laptops and at the office. Outlook works the same way, but it also offers a few more features that make it a great email provider for your home computer

Outlook is a great email provider. However, most of the time, we only use our email on our laptops and at the office. Outlook works the same way, but it also offers a few more features that make it a great email provider for your home computer. In this post, I share a few tips and tricks that will help you make the best use of Outlook for your home computer needs.

I hope these steps make it easier for you to get work done even when you’re not at the office.

Microsoft Outlook represents one of the best e-mail clients today. It is an organized environment that allows you to access multiple applications, such as e-mail client calendar notes, etc.

 It is the most popular e-mail commonly used by businesses Client, you only need to learn it once, you can carry your knowledge with you, you can use it on any desktop, web or mobile platform, you can use Outlook to connect to other e-mail services, Outlook can help you maintain a professional image With every email you send in this quick tutorial, I will show you how to use it.

 Microsoft Outlook will effectively use Web-based clients, but all Microsoft Outlook clients have very similar features.

Let me tell you something about myself. My name is Kami Shah, and for most of my career, I have a master’s degree in computer science .

A consultant who helps companies implement solutions; I have learned a lot of techniques throughout my career, but the most important thing is that I have developed a method. 

How to learn new skills I want to share with you in this tutorial. I also work as an educator at a community college, helping people learn technology and find jobs. I started online training for everyone to share knowledge and help people achieve their goals faster.

 The skills you learn here will be useful to you now and in the future. 

Let’s take a quick overview of Outlook in the cloud user interface. What you see on the left is a panel of folders you own. Many folders here start with favorites, you can add folders to favorites by right-clicking on the folder and saying adds to favorites.

 Some folders are already in favorites, such as the most important folder It is the inbox, items and drafts, you can also click here to add more folders. Another important feature in the panel is to switch between productivity applications in Outlook.

 Now we are the email client indicated by this icon we can also switch to the calendar and then switch people.

 This is basically your contact list. We can also switch to attachments. These are the files you can attach. We can also view the task list and add more. 

Tasks so that you can see one of the coolest features of Outlook. In fact, you can have all productivity tools in one place and use them correctly through perspective. 

Let me give you a few reasons why you might consider signing up online for everyone Training cutting-edge skills.

We are here to share with you the skills and techniques of online training for everyone. We will help you today and in the future. 

 Let us return to the email client and continue the UI overview, the middle panel here is usually the locations you can visit are based on your carpet. Choose to view emails.

Whether you check your inbox or send emails, you will see different emails received or sent, because I just started using this email account and I don’t have any emails Email, but we will change it before we start. Email is more detailed. 

Let’s look at other Outlook configuration components in the upper right corner. We have Skype application, and Skype is a good business messaging tool. Start chatting and use Skype’s chat feature to connect with your colleagues. Another cool Outlook feature I often use is “My Day”. When you click on it, you can view important emails, view calendar events, and view to-do items, that’s right. 

It is organized, if you click this button, you can also customize it, you can access the perspective settings, this is help, last but not least is news, the last icon shows your account information . Icon One of the places where you can log out of the account I want to point out is that we have 4 panels here. 

How to use outlook at home

Folder panel

 This is the email panel. This is the detail panel. We will see detailed messages in it, and then we have Skype Set the other important things on the right panel. Microsoft has always been at the forefront of productivity innovation.

 I think when we start to look at creating emails and other applications available in Outlook. 

 let’s talk about the cool features of Outlook, it is an organized environment, everything here is concentrated in one Local Outlook is one of the most commonly used applications in the workplace, you only need to learn it once to enjoy any version of business. Since they are very similar, this particular version we are looking at is a web-based version, but they are also mobile and desktop versions, so it can be used on all platforms, and it allows you to organize data folders.

The structure is very similar to the file browser, you can organize all emails and Calendar and provides excellent search simplicity and search functions.

 I must tell you that I like this tool very much and use it every day and enjoy every cool feature of creating new emails in Outlook, you need to click New mail button to complete all the need to enter the user’s email address in the toolbox. I will use my own email address, so that we can see the results of the work when we receive the same email. 

Note that you can always email yourself so that you can copy yourself. In the email, let us assume that I am writing this email to my boss and I have a creative idea on how to promote our new product. I want to create a theme and create a YouTube marketing video for our standard-bearer product. For example, I can write about Hello John and I have a good idea on how to market our standard-bearer product.

misspelled here, because I used this twice Word, I can delete it because Outlook highlights the repeated word and you can easily delete it, but let’s go back to this sentence, because most people find our product through keyword search means it’s now It’s easy to reach our niche audience. 

I’m satisfied with my message, but I want to emphasize a little bit here or a standard bearer product. I want to highlight it in bold, so I need to highlight the text and click on bold, like you As you can see, all formatting options are at the bottom of the screen.

 In addition to highlighting some text in bold, I can also highlight other text in italics. 

 I am very excited and happy to prepare for shipment. Because I think John will be very satisfied with this idea, I clicked the send button and the email will be sent out. 

 Finally, here is John’s answer in vain. This is a brilliant idea. Let me know what are the options,  thank you john.

 I want to point out a few things. As you can see, despite all the back and forth replies, it is still an email. Now it has two components, because Outlook divides the email into different parts depending on the conversation. 

You can view the details by clicking this three-dot button, but it can help you organize because you can receive multiple emails from multiple people, but you can still view all the details by clicking this button. 

Now I can choose to click Reply to John or forward this. Send email to others. I passed, I have time to complete my research, click the reply button, I reply to John based on my research, we need to do the following, it lists seven different tasks that we need to complete, it looks a bit simple now, so I`m going to do I want to choose all my tasks, I can add bullets or numbering, both options are available here, so I can use bullets here or numbering here, whichever you prefer Either way, you can continue my message. 

I also put together some thumbnails of YouTube videos and attach them to this message. 

You will see that Outlook provides YouTube spelling suggestions, so what can you do here , You can click on the word and display possible options, so “I want to choose YouTube in capital letters, because this is a more appropriate spelling for thousands. When I look back, I found that the screenshot may also be misspelled, so I want to click on the screenshot. I want to choose the best spelling for the screenshot.

 Now I have some basic image editing skills and immediately put some thumbnails on my disk, they are on my desktop, and I want to attach them to Attachment, I need to click the attach icon, this will bring me a dialog box, when I click this perspective in the cloud, it will help me to select the file, you have three different options, you can choose from the cloud location Attach files from your computer, you can also upload and share them. 

I will choose the option to browse my computer because this is the location of the file. Located where I see all the thumbnails entered together,  I will do this by holding down the shift button and clicking Open it now to select them, because my files are large, because these are images Outlook pointed out and provided the option link to upload them to OneDrive and simply share them, like this I don’t have to send all the attachments as one email.

 I can also send The files are attached as a copy, they will be attached to this email, and the last option is to insert an image to embed it directly in this email, so when I receive the open file, they will see the image in the body of the email, which I like This option, because I want me to see all the content I entered, so I will choose to attach all the images and be ready to send, click the send button and hope that John will like the next step when I just started to start our mission, we want to choose The name that best describes our values, this is the main

The reason why we choose how to analyze data.net is because the core of our mission is to cover the problems.

Now let’s suppose we can access John’s mailbox and see what John can see, so when he receives this message, we will see all attachments there by default In case, you will see attachments. If you double-click the message, you can see a preview of all the image attachments, here you have different options.

You can download all the attachments, or you can save the attachments to a drive to get a copy of all these attachments. I want to point out a cool feature of Outlook. When we look at the 4 panels, the left panel represents folders, and the middle panel represents folders. 

The email shows the right panel of the details behind the message, and then we have a fourth panel where you can switch between the most commonly used applications

We also saw the possibility of switching between different productivity applications, For example, calendar and an attachment in these applications, so this is where it comes in handy, where you can view all the attachments you get from all emails, you can quickly find what you are looking for, John can find the right one Image, point the message to the receiving location, John can do this something different from this image John can download the image.

 You can use this image in full-screen print mode or share via email Now let me share with you some cool new enhancements Features, you can check it yourself, because Microsoft has introduced these feature versions in the latest version, one of which is correct spelling and grammar, so we not only check the correct spelling of words, Outlook also provides you with suggestions on Instagram. 

If you have access to emoji and animated gif files, you can include them to inspire your messages, automatically translate into different languages, manage multiple calendars, just add other calendars in Outlook, monitor and respond to different accounts, You can adjust the calendar and view them side by side at a time, you can also view the events in the to-do list, and last but not least, you can take advantage of the dark mode so that your eyes are not very busy and can improve Work more efficiently.

I hope you will get lot of information about how to access outlook email at home and learn enough how to use outlook at home.

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