How do I contact Facebook by phone

How do I contact Facebook by phone
Written by Kami Shah

Today in this tutorial I will try one of the biggest issue any Facebook user can face, how do I contact Facebook by phone if i face any problem. How to contact Facebook by phone?.

How do I contact Facebook by phone 1600

Today in this tutorial I will try one of the biggest issue any Facebook user can face, how do I contact Facebook by phone if i face any problem. How to contact Facebook by phone?.

 So let’s start, I’ll be showing exactly how to contact Facebook in many ways unlike other blogs right now they’re only giving you one solution and I’m going to give you various solutions. So that you could contact Facebook just the way that I did.

How Contact Facebook free user

You can select what type of category it’s going to be let’s just say it is pages and then you say hey I cannot complete a migrate process on my account why can’t I and then Facebook would reply back and hopefully let you know about why you can’t do the Facebook migrate process which I have a great tutorial on how to instantly transfer all your Facebook friends into a business page all of them into likes through the Facebook migrate process.

Some accounts can’t do that and I get asked this question all the time, so this is a great way to figure out as why are there restrictions on your account? why this process isn’t available to you or whatever it might be this is a great way to contact Facebook if you are a free Facebook user and have any questions about any category it might possibly be now is this a reliable support queue not so much, because it is a free service that Facebook is offering to all of their billions of users.

Spend few Dollars

So here might be a very long wait time utilizing something like this so i highly recommend that if you are trying to get in contact with Facebook because of let’s say a business reason then i would recommend a business way of contacting Facebook.

I didn’t mention the community services or anything else so let me revert back bring it back. There’s also one more thing that you can do if you have any questions about Facebook and you are a free user is back inside of this little section, you can see that there is help and support and there’s also the help center and help community if you go ahead and click on these it’ll open up a new tab and then you can search any general questions or things that people have asked stuff about in a general community Facebook form a lot of the responses that you’ll get back from a could be from Facebook or it could before somebody with an exact same instance and is replying back to your question.

So a Facebook user that has knowledge on Facebook, so this is a great way to getting more information about some frequently asked questions on Facebook but this video is about how to contact Facebook.

Facebook business account holders

So let’s go ahead and do my second method which is essentially a business method now when I mentioned there’s two different types of accounts the free account and the business account, obviously the business account is going to have a little bit more support because it is a business who is hopefully spending money because you also have to understand there are different tiers inside of Facebook profiles the lowest tier is probably going to be a Facebook account that has violations and then after that Facebook account has no violations after that it’s going to be probably like a business page and then after that to be a business page, that has a business manager that’s spending money through an ads account and all the other stuff so the higher up you are in the Facebook account tier.

I don’t know the tiers I’m just kind of making these up because I have done this process or have contacted Facebook so many times and I’ve seen my status essentially using the Facebook platform changed throughout the more that I’ve used it and the more that I’ve spent money on Facebook so, I can identify some of these different tiers but once you have a higher tier within Facebook then you are given more account support and so if you have a business page what I would highly recommend

Let me go back into my little screen go ahead and just scroll all the way down and click on visit business help center.

I’ll also incorporate a link for this section inside of the end of this tutorial that way if you just want to go directly to here and see if you have it awesome if you don’t have this page available to you that probably means that you do not have a Facebook business manager and you will have to create Facebook business manager that will essentially manage not only your business pages but your ads account and all the marketing analytics and data that would come from running your business on Facebook.

 Please please make sure that you have reviewed all of the frequently asked questions in their community also in their business resources by just simply searching for whatever it might be and if they have a response to that because they document everything pretty well.

 Then go in there and follow kind of all the information that they have I mean it’s kind of self-explanatory but I want to just really stress out the fact that Facebook is really busy right now with everything going on a lot of organizations are really cut short on staff and support and they’ve had too.

Let go of some services because they need to focus the majority of their time on doing business rent revenue generating activities.

 So highly recommend that you do a little bit of research first using google their community their business support and all their documentation are frequently asked questions and then if you can’t find an answer and you really need help then yeah reach out to Facebook through their messenger and so once you’re on this page, you can easily click on support in the upper right corner it will take you over here.

I like to just click on get started and then once you click on that it will prompt you through this form. so let’s just say you have a problem with your business pages you’ll click on business pages now let’s just say that one of your issues is not being displayed on the screen well.

 You can click  this is experiencing usually high wait times please check back soon what the heck normally it does not say we’re experiencing high wait times please check back soon it will give me a response

So i waited a couple hours because I just have to show you guys the physical process because this is a tutorial about how to contact Facebook and if I don’t show it there’s no value.

 So I’m going to show it to you but now that I’ve waited a little bit and you’re on the Facebook business help center again.

You’ll click on support to get to this area, you’ll click on get started select the category that your thing problem issue or thing you have questions about falls under and then you can chat with a representative by clicking on this button but always remember that they already have a lot of documentation on frequently asked questions.

So if your question is in that documentation just follow that and go through that process but if not you can’t find any help online in your business that is paying money then chat with the representative fill out this form.

Now let’s say I own this business your ad account number. I already know my account number because I’ve done this a few times before pages my Facebook page id if you need to figure out how to find that it’s really simple just go to Facebook let me show you because it’s pretty ugly to your business page. Once you’re on your page just click on the about section and then scroll down to the very bottom.

So get your page id copy perfect paste that bad boy in and then what is the question about something other let’s say Facebook pixel because I actually have a problem about that and then someone else is using my pixel start chat and once you push that button it will go ahead and submit all this information to a Facebook representative.

You’ll continue using their messenger system to chat with them obviously. I’ve chatted with Facebooka few times before, so you can see that it is possible to you know chat with them and get all the support but you just have to remember that you need to be a business that is spending money on their platform to get access to all these features.

So don’t be discouraged I even had somebody reach out to me because they were trying to get in contact with Facebook about merge migrate process.

I remember which process it was but nonetheless they couldn’t reach out to Facebook and i had they had sent me an email.

Let me go ahead and just show you that real quick. I don’t know how to pronounce this name how do you pronounce that real quick pronounced. We go let me seeeugendar eukandar eugendarokay anyway this amazing person called Jugendar from India had reached out to me because he didn’t have support using this feature, that I’m showing you guys right now and then we were chatting and all that fun stuff.

 Now it’s like well, you know have you spent any money on ads and he was like no I haven’t spent any money on ads and I was like okay well how about you know just try spending what did I say yeah he went to this feature and he didn’t have like the uh support waiting queue like I normally have when I put in my account information she had to reach out to Facebook.

I had three minute sum but any way nonetheless, I was telling him like you know if you don’t have that support option then I highly recommend just you know having a business manager spending five ten dollars on a really small ad and then seeing if that option then opens up for you because once you are investing into the platform, you are given a little bit more features so i don’t know if you 5, 10 dollars or 20 bucks is something that will open up this feature for you.

I highly recommend just giving it a try it might work and it might open up the option for you to reach out directly to Facebook because remember there are a lot a lot of ways to reach out to Facebook you can a use their report a problem feature, if you’re free Facebook user, if you’re the business manager then you can go through the business manager support queue and then submit that form to reach out directly to Facebook that’s where you have the phone calls the email ticketing system and all that fun stuff that comes with investing into their platform and if nonetheless if you want to you know start growing up your Facebook page and start building up your access to all those different features heavily recommend or highly recommend spending at least 5, 10, 20 bucks on a boosted post to see if that then opens up the door to for you to contact Facebook, to ask them whatever question you might have about your account because I get asked a lot of questions about the my grade process or the merge process on Facebook.

I also ask about how to transfer all your friends into like. How to merge two business pages together?.

 I sometimes don’t feel comfortable charging all this money to help people through the process when they can easily do it for free by just reading my tutorials because this is should be a free service and people should know this valuable information soon that you have this knowledge on how to contact Facebook and ask them all the questions you might possibly have get those answers as to why you can’t do certain things or why isn’t this process available to you whatever it might be now.

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