Check the box in ms word

Check the box in ms word
Written by Kami Shah

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add check boxes in Msword, suppose we are asking multiple choice questions for a survey, and we want to Adding check boxes before different answers allows you to add

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add check boxes in Msword, suppose we are asking multiple choice questions for a survey, and we want to Adding check boxes before different answers allows you to add checkboxes so that users can first complete the survey numerically, move the cursor and click the beginning of the first answer here, you can now see the text cursor line flashing here.

Check the box in ms word

We will move to the “Developer” tab of the top ribbon, here, if you can’t see the “Developer” tab at the top move to the file and click the menu option, this will open the word option pop-up window, you need Move the option to customize the ribbon here, here is the part to customize this ribbon. Make sure that the main tab option is selected in the menu and drop down to the list where you need to enable developer options, click “OK” Click it, the “Developer” tab will appear at the top of here, once you click the checkbox icon in the control section here on the “Developer” tab, you will see the word will be automatically added where the cursor is Now we can copy and paste the check box by using the ctrl key on the keyboard to select it, move the cursor to the next line and use the control key V to pass it, similar to how we can now copy and paste the remaining answers Check box.

Once we click the check box, you can see the word indicating that the check box has been selected, by displaying an X above the check box, you can change the appearance of the check box is selected, so choose us in the checkbox is displayed here and moved to the development tools tab here. Click the properties option.

Click the change button next to the selected symbol option. From here you can select any icon from the list, for example in the source, you can here After finding the tick icon and double-clicking it, you will now return to the content control properties window. When you click the “OK” button, you can see that the selected version of the check box has been changed. 

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