How to screenshot on LG K51

How to screenshot on LG K51
Written by Kami Shah

Its this detail article about how to take screenshot on LG K51, how to take screenshots on LG K51 using buttons.

What is LG K51?

The LG K series is a whole different range of smartphone products. It includes the entry-level products such as L1 II and LTE II, featuring low specs and low price tags, to higher models such as the popular Optimus F5 or even 2 newer models, F7 and L9.

They all have in common, Android Operating System (OS), long battery life and light weight.

Even though they may look alike because of their sharing similar model numbers, each phone has its own hardware specs that make it unique from the rest in the series.

How to screenshot LG K51?

Screenshot LG K51

How to screenshot on LG K51

How to take screenshots on LG K51 using buttons

On your LG K51, Go to whatever it is you want to take a screenshot of.

Press and hold the Volume down key and Power button together for a few seconds.  

You will see a white border flash around the edges of the screen, and hear a camera shutter type sound if done correctly.

You have now saved your current screen as an image.

Open the Gallery app from your home screen or apps drawer, and you’ll see a new album titled Screenshots with the most recent image added at the top of the list.  

Alternatively, the image will be saved in your phone’s internal storage under /Pictures/Screenshots/.

Why Screenshot is necessary?

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Why Screenshot Is Necessary?

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In this tutorial we discussed in details how to screenshot on LG.i hope you will get necessary details which you want.

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