Free Online Lab Reporting System with Laravel

Free Online Lab Reporting System with Laravel
Written by Kami Shah

Free Online Lab Reporting System with Laravel

This was my final year project at AUST. Built with Laravel 5.3.


  1. On the project root run, cp .env.example .env
  2. Put necessary db credentials on .env file
  3. run composer install
  4. Then php artisan migrate --seed
  5. php artisan serve
  6. login with the following credentials:Email: admin@email.comPass: 12345There is also another user of role Laboratorist.Email: lab@email.comPass: 12345
  7. Front page is at route front/index


  1. Add/Edit/Delete Tests
  2. Add slots to tests, customizable fields for any tests
  3. Manage patients
  4. Customer can make appointment from the fronted
  5. Manage appointments
  6. Check is particular slot is available for a test when making appointment
  7. Manage samples
  8. Generate test reports/ print pdf/ email pdf copy of the report to patient
  9. Manage staffs
  10. Add new staffs based on role
  11. 3 types of users, Admin, Lab Tech & Patient
  12. Separate portal for patients to track appointment status/reports/payments etc.
  13. Users can only access parts of the application based on the permission.
  14. Customer registration with auto generated password emailed to patient
  15. Email notification to patient after test report is generated

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