How to use mailwizz template

How to use mailwizz template
Written by Kami Shah

Hi everyone! How are you? in this article I want to show you how to create free premium HTML email templates and use within MailWizz mailing application.

Hi everyone! How are you? in this article I want to show you how to create free premium HTML email templates and use within MailWizz mailing application.

So you can send awesome email templates with your campaign.

Now you have an email marketing system as we explained in my courses and tutorials. You installed MailWizz and you want to send an email marketing campaign but you want an awesome template.

So customers or your followers will really get engaged with this awesome email template.

How to create a free template? a free awesome template and use within MailWizz mailing application.

Let’s go to my screen and see how things is really super easy. We can see here, I am inside MailWizz and I am here in my gallery and you can see it’s empty, we have an option to upload a template, so from where we can get free email templates? Simply go to a website called beefree.io.

We can find a lot of free email templates just uncheck pro and you will see the free email templates.

Let’s select one an example click Get Started on this template and now it will load that template in an editor. You can edit this, change some text and so on anyway.

 Now I will keep everything as it is and just click on Export and click on Download just wait a little bit for download to start.

We have the template here, I will get from the Downloads folder we have Cut. I will Paste on my desktop I will Extract and now if we open this you see that we have two files here/

 Let’s go back to MailWizz, I want to show you something we can click on this link here to download a sample example archive to see how MailWizz process templates.

 So I will download this example and I will open it and you will see that we have a folder called “example template” whatever and now we have a file called index.html.

This is the template file and we have related folders or stuff that this HTML file is reading from anyway now.

 So this is very simple just name the file index.html and everything will be fine so let’s go back to our folder.  I will rename this index.html very simple and now I will add to archive and use zip file format, let’s name it” New template” whatever you want click OK and here, we are there’s our new free template go back to MailWizz, click on Choose File on my desktop, I will select New Template and click Upload Archive and awesome.

 You can see now the template is inside MailWizz, it’s really awesome a free awesome template inside MailWizz give it a name, save it in the gallery Save Changes and now if we go to the customer side of MailWizz.

I am in the backend in the administration, I am in the customer gallery you can see now the new template is there we can use it, we can click Import and now it’s inside the templates we can edit and create email campaigns with this awesome template.

You can see how everything is really easy now you are not obliged to usebee free; you can use any website that gives you free email templates.

I will mention some websites in the below, you can use to get free HTML email templates or even if you know HTML and you want to create your own just be sure to use this example index.html and the folders and put them inside a zipped file and you can upload to MailWizz and run your email marketing campaigns.

I hope this tip will help you launch better email marketing campaigns if you need any help anything you want I will be here to help you any time please don’t forget to email me, i will reply back to you.

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