How to Screenshot on LG Stylo 3

How to Screenshot on LG Stylo 3
Written by Kami Shah

How to Screenshot on LG Stylo 3,this is complete tutorial how to take screenshot,plus we added several free apps for easily taking screenshot.

If a phone had to be judged by its form, then the LG Stylo 3 is one of most beautiful in existence. It has sharp angles and curves that make it appealing while still feeling comfortable to hold, not too big or small so as not cause inconvenience when carrying around on your person everywhere you go.

This device’s 5-inch display provides ample real estate for viewing media content across various platforms such as Netflix streaming apps where there will always have something interesting available at any given time but also allows room enough if people want.

In my article today I will be going over how you can take a screenshot on an LG Stylo 3. These steps work for both the Verizon and Boost Mobile variants of the phone.

You may also know these steps as how to take a screenshot on any Android device if you don’t have a stylus pen, no matter what type of phone you have, I’m here with the most simple way to screenshot on any Android device.

How to take a screenshot on an LG Stylo 3

To take a screenshot with your LG Stylo 3 or another Android phone, follow these simple steps:

1. Hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time.

2. Release both buttons when you hear the shutter sound or see a quick flash.

3. Your screenshot will be saved in the Photos app.

4. Tap the image to view it, edit it, or share it with others.

That’s all there is to it, Taking a screenshot with your LG Stylo 3 or any other Android phone is very simple and can be done in just a few seconds. Be sure to try it out for yourself and capture all of the great moments you experience with your friends and family.

How to take Screenshot by App

  1. Quigley

You can download and install an app, such as quigley, from the google play store, run quigley and choose “screen grabber” in the options menu under “general”, press either your home or back button when you’re done capturing your screen.

Android users can utilize the many features of their phone with some help from third party applications. There are a lot of Screenshot apps available for Android that claims to be the best and most used by its users. Here is a List of some real good Screenshot Apps.

2. Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot captures full web page screenshots. This app not only takes screen shot but also allows you to annotate it by adding lines, shapes, texts and more. It provides several useful options such as javaScript Block/Unblock , Zoom in or out or Rotate left or right etc. Super Screen Capture Pro – screenshot capture.

3. Screen Master

Screen Master is amazing App which helps you take screenshot and edit them with amazing filters. It also allows you to draw lines, shapes, texts and make sketches on your screenshot.

The best part is it provides the option to choose the area which you want to view after taking screenshot. You can also add reminders or notes on your screenshots.

Bonus feature includes Blur tool for hiding sensitive information in the captured screenshots.

4. Screen Shot

Screen Shot Touch offers a widget for immediate screenshot capture just by tapping the main screen twice. This useful app gives an option to share multiple shots in one email.

Screen Shot Touch can be called as ‘universal image snapper’ because it works in almost all Android devices irrespective of their hardware configuration. You can capture full page screenshots that include pull down notification bar too.

5. Snaptastic – take screenshots  ( Free )

Take Screenshot is a great tool for taking screen shots. You can quickly take screenshots when you are in call or when browsing internet.

It provides many other options to capture screenshot like shake, timer delay etc . It takes full page screenshot and gives an option to edit it with drawing lines , shapes, texts etc. Sharing the captured screenshots are very easy with this app because it directly sends the screenshot to email without saving it on gallery.

6. Snagit (formerly named SnagIt for Android) ( $14.95 / Rs. 990 / Free trial available)


7. Imgur

This application allows users to upload their directly to Imgur without saving them on the device. This app enables you to take screenshots and upload them automatically to imgur. You can also add image captions to your screen shots .

8. Screenshot – Capture, Annotate & Share  ( Free )

This is a simple screenshot tool that can capture full web page images. It allows you to take screenshot in just 3 taps with out any rooting required.

After capturing images users can quickly edit it by adding lines, shapes etc . Users can share captured screens on different social networks like Facebook , Twitter, Google+ etc .

9. Android Screenshot Easy  ( Free / Paid version available)

Screen shot touch Locker is an amazing application for taking full page screenshots. It has unique feature of locking the captured images so that no one else can see it. You can choose to either save or share your screenshot when you are done taking them.

10. Screenshot Easy  ( Free /Pro version )

This app lets user define the area where you want to capture screenshot and gives an option of cropping and sharing captures. You can crop your images into different shapes like circle, rectangle etc.

This application is fully functional without any ads or intrusive permissions.

11.Take Screenshot – Capture Full Page  ( Free )

Screen shoot touch locker is a unique app which enables users to take full page screenshots by double tapping the main screen of device. locks captured images so that only you can access them. You can choose to save or share screen shots directly from the app.

This free and best screenshot capture and editor application works without requiring root access of your device . After capturing images, users can annotate it by drawing lines, circles etc. Images can also be saved on gallery for future use.

12. Shot Editor  ( Free / Ppro version )

Screen shot KIcker is a great tool that lets user define area where they want to take screenshots. In addition to taking normal screenshots, this app also detects faces when you are taking full page screenshots.

Users can add multiple captions with their captured screens when sharing them on social networks.


The LG Stylo 3 is one of the best cellphones on the market. It has a huge 5.7-inch screen and battery life that lasts up to two days.

Here are some quick tips for taking screenshots with this phone:
The Volume Key + Power Button screenshot method – press both buttons at once then drag down from your bezel/screen where you see something worth Saving (or open an app).

There’s also options under settings including take full shot which takes photos instead of just screens shots.

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