7 best work at home jobs that pay $60 an hour or more

Web development
Written by Kami Shah

In this tutorial i explain how you can make $60 per on Upwork. I shared some great profiles from Upwork and how you will get such success your self. You can best work at home jobs, best work at home jobs for moms,best work at home jobs part time, best work at home jobs online.

In this tutorial i explain how you can make $60 per on Upwork. I shared some great profiles from Upwork and how you will get such success your self. You can best work at home jobs, best work at home jobs for moms,best work at home jobs part time, best work at home jobs online.

So if you’re truly interested in working from home. You probably want to make thousands of dollars a week right rather than a couple hundred dollars here and there by selling things online filling out online surveys posting things on eBay.

You get the point now you can make money off these things however they certainly aren’t going to be life-changing or put you in a new Tesla any time soon, if you were tired of get-rich-quick videos that never work for you or if you just want to learn about real work at home job that pay well over six figures a year $60 an hour r more than this article is for you.

The Upwork jobs in this article do require certain skill sets but let’s be honest anything that pays as well as these jobs do as highly as these jobs do require a lot of work from you to learn the skills. Unlike most work at home articles I’m gonna back mine up in this article with real numbers real earnings from myself and other freelancers.

This blog I’m gonna show you those earnings giving you real concrete factual evidence of how much money you can make working from home personally.

I’ve made over $550000 just in the last three years freelancing on the Upwork. I earn over a $100 an hour for the jobs that I do these are real earnings by real people and if you were willing to do what it takes to put the work in put the grind in to learn these skills.

You could 100% be making the same money now my previous blog showed you how to get started freelancing as a true beginner and this blog is meant to branch off of that blog and show you extremely high paying work at home jobs.

You can explore yourself and find the ones that you’re most interested in my goal for this blog is for you to take something away from it for you to see these high-paying work at home jobs and then start putting the work in to learn the skills.

You’re even slightly interested in being a freelancer working at home then be sure to read all this blog. It’s time for you to stop consuming content without ever taking action read this blog and then take action you have to put in consistent work to learn high-paying skills. There’s no secret to how I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year freelancing it’s consistent work no matter how I feel no matter what setbacks.

I experience it’s level of consistency, I know what it takes for me to be where I want to be in life to go after my goals and dreams, so I make every day count this blog has held freelancers all around the world to get started freelancing as a beginner make a lot of changing money have complete job flexibility take control of your pay rather than having to rely on an employer to give you raises and to work towards getting in that brand new Tesla.Now let’s go ahead.

1) Web Development

These seven high-paying jobs that you can do from home though first to work at home job on Upwork that I’m gonna cover which pays over $60 an hour is web development.

So if you’re not familiar with the job details of a web developer, they basically take web designs and then use programming languages like HTML CSS PHP and JavaScript to turn the web design into an actual website.

There’s a lot of different specialties in web development as well such as web application development a great example of that would be Google Docs now having a college degree may help but getting the skills of actually building a website and learning the programming languages that’s something you can do on your own.

There’s so many great online resources to learn web development in other skills. Now right now you can sign up on Skillshare and you get your first month for free so if you’re interested in being a web developer it can be a very lucrative career as a freelancer on Upwork and right now I’m gonna show you some real insane earning examples from freelancers who are making $60 an hour or more working at home as a web developer.

So the first web developer I’m gonna show you who’s making over $60 an hour freelancing on Upwork is Ron Z Ron is being featured in Upwork marketing campaigns.

So let’s jump in and take a look at his earnings and you can easily search for any freelancer on Upwork or search by skill if you change this drop down from jobs to professionals and agencies then you can type in any name of a freelancer or search by skill.

I definitely recommend that you do this because you can compare yourself to someone that’s where you want to be that’s what I did initially when I first working on Upwork I found other SQL server DBA successful ones and visualize me being in that position.

Ron z Ron

All right this is Ron’s profile and what jumps out at me and it’s absolutely insane is a million dollars that he’s earned on Upwork, 1 million dollars it’s crazy.

I definitely want to be there one day I’m grinding hard to get there it’s just crazy to see someone else in that position but anyway Ron is a web developer you can see the title on his general profile is premium WordPress development, he’s had a really successful career freelancing working with some big-time clients makes 75 dollars an hour and to show you some real earning examples from specific projects.

Let’s scroll down and we’re gonna take a look at his work history and feedback and we’re gonna sort it by largest projects so website optimization help needed $89000 earned making $76 an hour.

I can show you so many freelancers on the Upwork who’s making insane money like this and I’m gonna give you a lot of examples. I’m just telling you that there’s so many of these out there $35000, $22,000 $22,000. You get the point he’s made so much money on Upwork.

This is looking at completed projects as well if i refresh the page we can look at his work in progress also so now we can expand his work in progress.He’s got twenty nine jobs in progress which basically means that he probably has a lot of long-term clients that’s what usually happens for me.

I get long-term clients I’ll leave their project open and then they consistently asked me to do extra work for them. I may not do work for that specific client every single week but every time they need my services they’ll reach out and I’ll just bill off that project and you can see plenty of jobs $75 an hour $75 an hour $80 an hour $85 an hour this is just one example of the type of money that you can make as a web developer and to give you one more example.

Here is Brian D. he’s a front-end web designer who also specializes in SEO in e-commerce . He has an hourly rate of $76 and he’s made over $30000 freelancing on Upwork and now if we take a look at some of his work history $67 an hour an hour $54 an hour. Some of these are older projects but you can see you the type of money that he’s been able to make freelancing on Upwork as a web designer. This second high-paying work at home job on Upwork that pay $60 an hour or more, if you know what I do it should be no surprise to you is database administrator on Upwork on the highest-earning SQL server DBA freelancer.

2) Database Administrator

I’m also the featured freelancer for that networking category on Upwork which has over a hundred thousand freelancers in it. I flew out to Upwork headquarters in San Francisco for a photo shoot. I’ve been on the front page of their website. I’ve been on their social media posts all that has come from working extremely hard and learning the skills of being a single server database administrator.

Database Administrator

I put in so much time and effort before any of those opportunities came to me however that’s just an example of where it can take you database administration consists of managing SQL instances and the databases that reside on them they ensure the reliability consistency availability performance security and everything else that goes into making sure the databases are running with optimal performance and are always secure for organizations the database administrator or DBA is a critical component of IT departments think of any large company such as Amazon, Google, banks, health care systems.

All of those have databases that contain business critical data. Now I’m going to show you real earning examples of database administrators making $60 an hour or more on upwork starting with myself.

Alright so here we are on my profile you can see that I make $100 an hour and that I’ve earned over $500000 on Upwork, now I’ve been freelancing on upwork since around May of 2016.

Right now I’ve made around $520000 and I will likely be around $550000 all the time my four year anniversary comes up. Now if you do the math on that over the four years it puts me well over a $100000 a year and around and $ 11000 a month on average but I will say my first year was definitely the slowest and to give you some specifics back in 2018.

I made over $200000 on upwork in the single year this past year in 2019. I made around $150,000 dollars freelancing on upwork however all focus on content creation through YouTube social media so I took away a little bit of my time from freelancing.

Okay now I’ll show you some real earnings so you can see right away a $100 an hour and if we sort by my largest projects on this project. I made almost $76000 at $65 an hour $55 an $45000 at $75 an hour $37000 at $84 an hour. I’ve had so many large projects and I have so many open projects right now at a $100 an hour. So I’m just one example of how much money you can make working on SQL server and database work at home jobs on upwork.

Let me give you one more example this is Matthew T out of the United Kingdom you can see his title as business intelligence developer however he works a lot with sql server and a lot of database related projects he has an hourly rate of $90 an hour and he’s made over $400,000 on upwork. Work history and feedback this is newest first so $85 an hour making $26,000, this one he made right under $60 an hour made $56000.

Seven jobs in progress $27000 and $90 an hour $52000 at $65 an hour $16000 at $75 an hour two $217000 at $75 an hour on one project think about that for one second it took him getting this one job to make $270000 working at home.

There’s so many jobs out there like this so if you’re struggling to get jobs just keep in mind that these jobs are out there and they’re waiting the third work your home job on upwork that pay $60 an hour or more is data engineer, which falls into data science and analytics so data engineers build analytical reports and dashboards that companies use to get better insights into their data.

3) Data Engineer

Data Engineer

I personally develop in power point which is Microsoft’s analytical tool for developing reports dashboards and KPIs.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at three Freelancers who are earning $60 an hour or more doing data engineer jobs on upwork.

So the first freelance data engineers I’m gonna show you is Rachel F. She’s a Google Analytics certified engineer. She makes $200 an hour and has earned over $300000 dollars on the upwork. Now if take a look at some of her projects $12000 at $200 an hour.This is a really great reviews that she got for that jobs .

This is just one example of so many freelancers that are making this type of money and most companies it would take so long to work your way up to this level of pay but as a freelancer you are in control your pay. You can charge what you’re worth and the quality that you deliver and you can make so much more money because you are in control and to give you one more example of a data engineer that’s making crazy amounts of money on upwork freelancing.

Here’s Dan’s he’s a data engineer and analytics expert. He makes a $150 an hour and has earned over $200000 freelancing on upwork. Now look at some more real earning examples $73000 at $65/ Hour $140/Hour etc. Look at some of his jobs in progress one $154 /hour $150/Hour etc.

Those are just some examples of crazy amounts of money that he’s making again all you have to do is search for one of these skills on the upwork type in data engineer type in analytics type.

4) Product Designer

You will find so many freelancers who have made this type of money working home job on upwork that pays $60 an hour more is product designer.

The product designers take ideas from companies or individuals and then turn them into compelling products. So now I’m going to show you some real earning examples of freelancers who are earning $60 an hour or more doing product design projects on upwork and we’re gonna start with in my opinion the best product designer on upwork I met him when I flew out to upwork headquarters in San Francisco for the photo shoot.

He’s also an Upworks marketing campaign with myself. He’s made over $500000 on Upwork. On Upwork you can check another industrial designer. he makes $200 an hour and has earned over $500000 David’s a really talented guy and I really loved hearing about the type of projects he’s worked on now.

If we look at some of his work history here’s some of his current work $1400 at two $200 an hour, some fixed price projects now will go up also and then will sort by largest projects $20,000 $20,000, $15000, $12000.

5) Video Editor

Alex is video editor he is charging $60 per hour, Alex has a lot of personal clients as well as a full time job so his total earnings isn’t really high on Upwork however he’s a very good video editor if he had more time to dedicate to Upwork his earnings would be insane on here.

So again as a video editor you can make $60 an hour he’s made almost $10,000 which pretty much. Another job that pays $60 an hour or more is copywriter.

6) Copy Writing

Now copywriting is writing with the intent to cause someone to take action an example of an intended action is to cause someone to buy something. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some copy writers on Upwork who are earning $60 an hour or more working at home.

Alright so here’s the first freelance copywriter that I’m gonna show you this is Jamie. You can see that she specializes in copy writing blogs content marketing brand development and branding.

She makes a $150 an hour and has earned over $700000 freelancing on Upwork just think about that for a second over $700000 working at home. It’s absolutely insane.

Now look at her largest projects now Elance program manager so this is a project from a long time ago. She made $61000 on this job now a lot of these are older projects that’s why the rate is a lot lower than what she’s currently making but you can see how much money she made on these projects $35000, $350000,$24000 etc.

Again be sure to look up freelancers in your desired skill set take a look at these top earning freelancers realize that this is something that you can build for yourself visualize it and start putting in the work and here’s one more example this is Theresa.

she’s a technical copywriter cyber security and cloud.she makes a $125 an hour and has earned over $200000 and let’s take a look at earnings on a single project $2000. Let’s look at her largest projects $71000 $55 per hour.

There’s so many examples this is only two copy writers, two copy writers out of a huge list of them that I went through and this seventh work at home job on Upwork that pays $60 an hour or more is digital marketing.

7) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is as you know, advertising delivered through digital channels such as social media, email, web applications, search engines or any new digital channel. let’s take a look at the first digital marketing example this is Steve. He focuses on search and display PPC campaigns Google Ads and Microsoft ads.

He makes $95 an hour and has earned over $70000 on Upwork and let’s go ahead and scroll down look at his earnings here’s a google adwords job $45000 at $95 per hour, email marketing $25000 at $55 per hour, take a look at his largest projects here’s a $74000, $45000, $29000.

He’s had a lot of very big projects on Upwork . Now one more example ad specialist certified adwords facebook ads and Bing ads PPC manager. He makes $95 an hour and has earned over $800,000 on Upwork. These are all around advertising and digital marketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook social media marketing AdWords expert, PPC audit, social media ,advertising .

Let’s take a look at the largest projects a $120000 at $50 an hour this is a huge project as a PPC consultant, Adwords and LinkedIn Facebook marketing, $66000 at $80 an hour $35,000 at $50 an hour $31,000 at $80 an hour he has a lot of very large projects and if you’re new to upwork and you’re not aware of this on any of these jobs that you see you can click on them and the cool thing about this is you can see a lot of project details you can see the name of the project, The earning breakdown the client feedback and most importantly you can see the job description.

So whenever he actually bid on this job this is a job description that was posted and if we click more you can read over the full job description and this is going to help you because it’s going to help you learn the skills that you need to get jobs like these so on the very large project again you can click on it you can go down to the job description expand it and you can see exactly what this client wanted whenever they hired him.

I definitely recommend that you do this once you find a skill set that you want to start learning find freelancers who have done very very well on upwork, go look at their projects look at their really high earning projects click on the job go to the Job Description and this is going to show you what you’re gonna need to learn, what you need to be able to do it’s going to help get you ready for these types of jobs write down the requirements, keyword research, campaign structure, campaign set up, ongoing optimization reporting and analytics.

Look at these things in the job descriptions write them down, then go research them and teach yourself how to do these things, if you’re just starting to build your skill set and you can’t get freelance jobs yet this is when you need to be going hard on teaching yourself the skills you need and what a better way to do that then to find really successful freelancers.

Look at their projects look at what was required of them and then start teaching yourself those skills. There’s so much money in freelancing and it’s growing faster than ever with more and more companies using remote workers. The upwork marketing team has been doing an amazing job advertising in Time Square TV commercials, radio commercials.

They’ve been doing a phenomenal job at advertising to large companies now the work at home jobs not covered in this article are high-paying because they require high levels of work and expertise.

You have to be willing and disciplined enough to put in the time put in the grind and share this article to remoted some more freelancers around the world no but seriously it’s gonna require a lot of work from you so you have to be disciplined to make sure you’re working towards learning your new skill everyday upwork posted recently on the instagram with a quote from Steve Jobs that said if you look closely most overnight successes took a long time listen do you want to know why most people never make it and never succeed working at home creating the life that they always dreamed of having it’s because most people want things to come quick and easy think about that and let that soak in for one second do you even understand.

What it took for me to be where I currently am I put in so much work years of work and I applied for so many jobs on the upwork low-paying jobs before I even got my first contract but you want to know the difference between me and most people that never make it freelancing.

I visualize where I wanted to be every single day and I put in the work to get there in all the struggles all the setbacks all the failures. I told myself that if other freelancers can make over $100 an hour hundreds of thousands of dollars a year then so can i. It’s never too late to change your life and it’s definitely never too late to put in the work required to get where you want to be.

I always tell myself that my work ethic will separate me from other freelancers. They may be smarter than me more talented than me things may come easier to them but there’s no way no way that I will let them outwork me. I will work harder work longer and find new ways to succeed while they are resting.

I will never let someone out work me that’s the mindset that you need to have if you want to learn these skills and work your way into one of these work at home jobs that pay over $60 an hour and over six figures a year it’s not gonna be easy, you’re gonna feel like quitting a lot but if you can overcome those obstacles, you’re gonna put yourself so far ahead of other freelancers who give up before they even get started.

You don’t want to be the person that later in life looks back and says what if I would have worked harder what if I would have learned that skill what if I worked rather than making excuses. You don’t want to be that person with that regret, so take action put in the work put in the grind visualize the life that you want and let’s get to work on the same screen I recommend.

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