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Wordpress is most popular open source content management system on the planet.

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. It has rich Features including plugin architecture and a template system.

It is most associated with blogging, but supports other types of web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries.

The main reasons behind the popularity of Wordpress is simplicity of use for the common user, thousands of ready-made plugins and themes.

Why WordPress for web development?

Although most of developer love wordpress for developing websites, we here just short analysing,how much wordpress is good for developing websites.

Pros of choosing WordPress

1. User Friendly CMS:

WordPress is a powerfull content management system.It is very easy to navigate through the pages and content on a WordPress website.

2. Plugins:

Approximately 100000 plugins are developed for Wordpress.These plugins make things so easy for developer or common user and enhance the power of Wordpress.

3. SEO:

Wordpress is SEO friendly,SEO is crucial part for the success of online presence.There are hundreds of free and paid SEO plugins developed for Wordpress, these plugins made Wordpress a great SEO friendly CMS.

4. Responsive:

Having a mobile-friendly site with consistency across all devices is very important,WordPress does a good job with this. Thousands of Wordpress themes available on online majority of Wordpress themes are the responsive and mobile friendly.

5. Open source - "WordPress is an open source software and any one can use, study, change and redistribute its source code. This means that many of the themes and plugins are free under the GPLv2 license.

Cons of choosing WordPress

1. Complex coding:

For new or even experience developers, wordpress coding structure is complex, that why many developers prefer core php or Joomla than Wordpress.

2. Vulnerability:

Being an open-source platform, WordPress is attractive to potential hackers. Wordpress has some serious security issues, though you can handle this with implementing some security measures or installing some plugins.

3. Speed:

Wordpress Certain themes contain a lot of unnecessary generic code. This can decrease the speed of the site and cause slow load times. .

4. Customization:

Customization is an expensive way. If you do not know about programming than you have to pay money for developers to customize your theme, this will increase your budget.

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Wordpress Themes

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