What is GTA 5 mod, how to install a pc mod menu for GTA 5

How to mod GTA 5 Online
Written by Kami Shah

I’m going to be showing you, how to install a pc mod menu for GTA 5. How to mod GTA 5 Online.You will learn details about GTA 5 online mod menu PC.

I’m going to be showing you, how to install a pc mod menu for GTA 5. How to mod GTA 5 Online.You will learn details about GTA 5 online mod menu PC.

So let me show you guys how to do it. So don’t worry it’s all good or installing the mod menu so first thing what you’re going to want to do is find a mod menu online.

I suggest They have a whole bunch of mod menus. You can go to scripts once you go to scripts you can see all these like random stuff just look for mod menus, this one that I want to be using today is right here it’s called end Dave or and de Bourgh.

I’m not sure how to pronounce that but it’s a mod menu and it looks pretty good. So we’re going to be installing that one. So what you’re going to do is click download start your download and you should get a WinRAR file if you guys don’t have one where I’ll leave a link  below along with this mod menu if you guys want to use this one.

I’ve never used it once you have this just you don’t need to extract it to your desktop or anything like you’ve seen a lot of articles where you have to like extract and it takes for an hour all you don’t need to do that just open up the folder, you’ll see config dotini and the name of the menu dot AS after you do that go to your gta5 directory.

I have mine right here as a shortcut and all you basically want to-do is drag that in there once you drag it in there you can double click the config and this shows you all how to use it different mods there’s bind but the one you’re going to want to be looking at the most is the open menu which is f3 I guess.

I’m pretty sure it’s f3 yeah um that’s 114 but I believe it is f3. So that’s all you got to really look for and don’t worry about the AS that’s just the menu you can’t edit that or anything will bring you to like some weird browser or something like that once you’re done with that you can basically start up your GTA 5 now just double click your GTA 5 or launched GTA5 it doesn’t really matter.

I want to be doing this offline but I believe you can use this menu online for sure you use most venues online just I do not suggest doing that because you could easily get banned like I did I got a 10-day banned my first time, so that’s the reason it’s going to say cloud cannot sync data it’s because I have a 10 day ban it expires in like four days or something.

 So I do not suggest bringing this online but you can do so if you want to. I can just click play wait for it to load up and I’ll catch you guys back on GTA now that we’re here on the GTA main screen all you got to do is go online if you want to do that or you can go in story mode.

I want to be going on story mode like I said because I do have a ban in progress, so we’ll see you once we load up story mode because these menus take forever 2000 years later six and a half-hours later a few inches later day today sleep they for a few moments later here.

We are finally loading up and let’s see if this mod menu works Oh after this little thing that he’s doing and walkover here. I believe it was a reef Namaste yeah there we go f3 I don’t mind the other thing on the side my other of banned classification release um anyways yeah here’s the menu.

I don’t know right it’s moving both of my things because I have another on menu well not a menu oh my God stop crying. I have another trainer on the side for LSP DFR which I’ll be showing us how to install that later but that’s not what this article is about this mod menu are you sure if I going to select dang it’s going to select whatever.

Let’s go to self menu don’t worry about that other stuff,  I’m not even sure where me clicking over there super jump was this ad-lib respond.

 I don’t care that is super jump is on driving water super run uh no cop I’m limited ammo God mod, what’s uh did she really just said uh she said that so alright.

So we have all that on leave there’s another part to it. I don’t know how to get to it Oh more self right there invisible in turn invisible ESP that’d be good for online if you want to find where anyone is Vic tater  mod police uniform.

I don’t know why that’s glitching out up there those are changing kind of or should I don’t know what that’s doing dunce cap don’t put on headphones think that’s only for online stuff right there but you get it well yeah that’s basically it.

I hope you guys have learned something off this article if you didn’t know how to install mod menu I hope you know how to now after this article.

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