Simple free Hospital management system

Hospital management system made with Vuejs, Expressjs, Nodejs, Mongodb. Ideal for small hospitals and clinics.


This is a hospital management application that can be used in small hospitals and clinics.

Heroku demo

Try hospital management system with the Heroku demo
Link to demo ----> Hospital management system

Login id's for the demo app

  1. To login as Administrator
  • username : administrator
  • phone number:9876543210
  • password : password
  1. To login as Receptionist
  • username : receptionist
  • phone number:1122334455
  • password : password
  1. To login as Doctor
  • username : doctorstrange
  • phone number:9988776655
  • password : password

Made with

This project is made with Vuejs, Nodejs and Mongodb.

What do you have?

You have three types of users

  • Administrator
    • Has privilege of both administrator and receptionist.
    • Can create,edit,delete new user, add,edit new patient details.
    • Create calendar plans for attenddence marking.
    • Mark attendence for the users.
    • Calculate monthly attendence for users.
  • Receptionist
    • Create new patient, edit patient details.
    • Generate tokens for the patients who has visited the clinic or hospital.
  • Doctor
    • Add patient history.
    • Add complaints of patients, interpret the complaints
    • Suggest medicines to patients.
    • Suggest labtests, store the results of the same.