How to earn money from Facebook videos

How would you like to learn how to make thousands of dollars per month on Facebook uploading simple little 3 minute videos?

How make thousands of dollars on Facebook?

Over the past few years I’ve been able to make thousands of dollars per month using Facebook. I’ve been building Facebook pages since 2015 by basically growing those pages to hundreds of thousands of likes and then monetizing those pages with multiple monetization tools that Facebook has made available to everyone.

Facebook Monetization

So in this tutorial what I’m going to show you is how you can use one of those monetization tools called instruments to start making money from your page by uploading simple little three minute videos that you can basically find online and re-upload to your page just like on YouTube on Facebook.

Now you can monetize your videos and make money from the advertising that plays on your videos. So I want to show you a real page that’s actually making a lot of money with instrument.

I’m going to show you how many likes the page has and how many videos they're posting on a daily basis and what type of videos are posting to make over 5 thousand dollars per month but first let me explain exactly how to make money with instruments on Facebook.

This is basically quick break down of the entire process but if you want to learn in details all the ways that you can monetize Facebook pages, I’m going to put a link to this tutorial below that covers the different ways that you can monetize Facebook pages and how you can make over a 100 dollars per day not only by posting videos but by also enabling different monetization tools that Facebook has available.

Let me quickly break down the process of getting monetized on Facebook and making money with instruments.

How many likes Facebook required for monetization?

The first thing you're going to need is a Facebook page, it doesn't matter what the category of that Facebook page is, you can monetize basically any Facebook page that you want then you're going to need to grow that page to 10 thousand likes once you hit ten thousand likes which is one of the requirements that Facebook has for monetization.

You're also going to need 30 thousand one minute views in the last 60 days, so that means you get to upload at least one or two videos to your page and those videos need to have 30 thousand one minute views in the last two months.

Once you have met those requirements then you can go ahead and apply for Facebook instruments if your application gets approved then now you're ready to start uploading videos to your page and start monetizing your videos in a nutshell that's the process that you need to follow in order to monetize Facebook page and if you want more tips and information about how to grow a Facebook page.

I do have more tutorials in this website, which you can go back and check and get more tips and information about growing Facebook pages.

How fast monetize a Facebook?

Now you might be asking yourself how fast can you do this how fast can you monetize a Facebook page, well that really depends, it can take anyone from 30 days to 90 days to 6 months it just depends on how fast you can meet those requirements and get those 10 thousand likes and 30 thousand one minute views however in my course Facebook income school which is a course where I teach exactly how to grow and monetize Faceboo kpages some of my students have been able to monetize their Facebook pages within 30 days of launching their page.

It’s definitely possible to launch a page today and get it monetized within 30 days , so now that I gave you a quick breakdown on how-to get monetized on Facebook.

Let me show you a real page that's actually making money, so you can get a better idea on whether or not you can replicate this yourself and start making money on Facebook.

So for that we're going to need to jump into my computer all right, so let me show you a real page that’s actually making money with Facebook instruments that doesn't have a lot of followers and you can definitely monetize any Facebook page that you want as long as it's a Facebook page.

You can actually make money from a Facebook profile meaning that if you post videos on your Facebook profile, you won't be able to monetize those videos it needs to be Facebook page and something else is that you don't need to have a Facebook verify page in order to get monetized.

So you can definitely monetize any type of Facebook page that you wanting this case this is a personal page and you can see it’s labeled as a community page it has 216 000 likes.  We’re going to take a look at the video section and see what type of videos this page is posting this videos are getting a decent amount of views this one has 42 000 views posted a day ago, this one's 74 000 views this one has 17 million views 893 000 views and there's definitely a pattern when it comes to all of these videos all of these videos don't have a specific niche or anything related to the actual page.

These are just random videos that typically can go viral on Facebook because of how Facebook actually works people don’t actually go on Facebook to look for specific videos like they do on Youtube. On Facebook you start browsing on your newsfeed and if you find a video you like, you might actually comment on that video like it or even share that video on your profile that's the nature of how Facebook works and that's why it doesn't really matter how big your audience is on Facebook any video. If the video is good enough it can definitely go viral on Facebook.

Let's click on this one for example to see what type of video, this is so this video was actually made into a compilation from tick tock to reach three minutes and that's mainly because every single video that you want to get monetized on Facebook needs to be at least three minutes long and if we go back to the page you can see that most of the videos are actually over three minutes.

 You can see this one over 3 minutes, 15 minutes  3 minutes and that's mainly because those videos are making money with Facebook instruments.

So as you can see you don't really need millions of followers on your Facebook page in order to generate millions of views.

The secret to actually going viral on Facebook, it's quite simple, it understands the type of content that your audience likes.

 So let's say you post 10 videos and out of those 10 videos one actually generates more views and the rest then that means your audience is far more interested in that type of content. So you got to replicate that video as many times as possible and sometimes you get really lucky and you're able to hit a viral video in your first few videos.  This is exactly what happened to one of my students who was able to make over 2 000 in his first week after getting monetized on Facebook. So you can definitely hit a viral video with a Facebook page that has 102030000 likes.


How find the content for Facebook?

You don't need millions of likes on Facebook to hit viral videos and make a few thousand dollars per month, now perhaps the biggest struggle that most people have when it comes to video monetization on Facebook is how do I find the content and there’s three ways for you to actually generate content for your Facebook page.


  1.  You create the content yourself meaning that you create your own videos that you're going to be publishing on your own Facebook page this is perhaps the best option because you're creating 100% original content.
  2.  Option two is you get permission to use the videos on your Facebook page and this is the most common way mainly because you can find a lot of videos online that you can reuse on your Facebook page if you know exactly how to tweak it enough to make it's not as simple adjust going on YouTube and taking a video and uploading on your Facebook page that most likely will get you a violation and get your page demonetized meaning that you won't be able to make money from your videos.  So what you want to do is you want to find videos online that you can use with permission tweak them enough to make them unique and then upload those videos on your Facebook page.
  3. The third way is by licensing videos, now this is the most expensive one mainly because if you're going to be spending money to license your videos then you want to make sure you can get that money back from the views that your videos are getting.  So if you only have 10 000 likes on your Facebook page, i don't recommend that you actually spend money to get licensed videos because they can be really expensive but if you’re able to generate hundreds of thousands of views and millions of views from your page, you can definitely spend some money licensing videos. So you don't have to worry about finding videos, you're always going to have videos for your Facebook page and those videos will be producing money for you on a daily basis.  Now you should only worry about licensing videos once your page is making a few thousand dollars per month if you're not making any money from your page this is something that you don't need to worry about right now, what you need to worry about is perhaps creating your own content or getting content from somewhere else with permission and one thing that i want to make really clear guys because i get a lot of comments and messages on my integral from people thinking that they can just create a page and with just 5 videos they’ll be making you know thousands of dollars per month.

I spent the last 5 years growing multiple Facebook pages, one of those pages to over half a million likes to be able to get to a point where those pages are making a few thousand dollars per month.

 So even though you can definitely monetize a Facebook page within a month this doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be able to make lots of money with your Facebook page in the first month. So it definitely takes a lot of work effort and dedication to grow your page to find out exactly the type of content that works for your page if you're able to do that you’ll definitely be making a good income using Facebook.

I really hope that this tutorial was helpful and it provided you with some guidance and tips on how you can monetize Facebook pages and how you can make money on facebook with simple three-minute videos.

If you want any help from me you can email me at or send dierct message below chat button.