How do i create a professional email signature

So this is how I sign all of my emails is with a very professional-looking email signature. These are emails that I sent out through Gmail not necessarily through convert kit or MailChimp although you could do something similar but I'm going to show you exactly how to do this with a gmail signature.

Email Signature Example

Today so basically what we're going to do is we're going to start from scratch. So I'm going to go into my other email account over here and show you exactly looks there  we go over to settings and click the Settings button and when you scroll down the signature is where you're going to put your new email signature now what exactly do we put there I'm going to show you how I go into canva and I'm going to click thee mail header if you don't have camera already this is Amit you need to get it is free and you can create beautiful graphics that are easy to make you're going to love it.

So I click the pre-configured email header size for my signatures and then we're going to go to elements frames scroll down my favorite to use is a circle but you could use any of these shapes really I like having Iike the way the circle looks in thee mail signature.

Everything you do you want to be kind of over to the left side if you put your signature right in the middle. It's really not going to look good on a email so put everything over to the left here is a frame and I have already uploaded an image to fit in here but you can have just your picture, you can even do a logo here but I think a picture adds a nice personal touch.

So now I have my photo go over to text you'll just want something clean, so again I align everything over to the left right here let's say my name is John Davee and founder of Webeera  if that's some thing that you want to have in your personal emails it's not my phone number but don't want to give that out over Tutorial right now whatever information you want to include here you can do righ there and if you want some thing simple you can even just do you know a fancy title like I'll be John sometimes I like to do that you just want to sign something simply virtual type today.

So this works as well you can even you have a logo this is a lot of times what Ilike to do is a founder of and have my logo here I've already and come before weird work you can put your logo. So I like to put founder of theirs Everet tRuess savvy, So play around with this until, you get you know exactly what you want your email signature to look like but we're going to stick with this for right now.

So signature title right here so I know where to find it we're going to download the image takes a second to download there we go well download image now. You are ready to put it in your email signature but you'll notice whenever you go over to insert an image you can't just upload the image or dragit it like you usually can so what we're going to do is we actually need to find our image URL.

So I just found this site by going to image URL maker but it's actually the one that I like to use is post image right here. It's easy it's free after watching advertisements so whenever we go to when we upload the image you can find your image right in your downloads. We don't want to resize it it's family safe of course and there we go now your image has a URL you're going to want to use this direct link so copy that to the clipboard go back over to settings paste it here and boom there's your image will upload it now.

you can just stick with this but a lot of times what I like to do is also add follow me buttons so it makes your signature a little more interactive. So I'm gonna click follow me let's put this in the fonts I actually like to use follow me and so what you're going to do now is add icon so normal icon size is 32 by 32 pixels but you can also just use the ones that I've downloaded on this blog for you so those are easy to find you'll find a link below this video where you can download those icons and so that's what I'm going to use here.

So I'm going to go back over to image codes.

Let's just go back to the post image down org, I'm going to find these icons which I've just saved on the desktop. There we go so if I use this Facebook one I can upload it my images are actually 40 by 40 and I did that just because I used a circle image butmost images icons you find are going to be 32 by 32. So if you're looking for icons that's actually the size you look for will copy the second one to clipboard come in add a photo post it there's our little Facebook image select and now we have it right here and if you want to well.

You'll obviously want to make it to where some one can click on this within the body of the email so how you 'll do that as well actually have to highlight the image go over here to this link button go to you'll change this link it automatically has the link just as this.

 So we're going to put this some solution savvy and now when I was some body clicks on it it'll go to that link and you can go a head to proceed to put in your Pinterest here go a head and do another one just to show you that process again here let's do like Twitter but I've added a Facebook Instagram,LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter all these icons here for you that you can download for free we're going to upload it there's our Twitter icon here's our direct link copy it to clipboard come back over insert the image paste it select and now I want to highlight it whenever I blink in and we're going to change it to WWE with that all right click OK and now I have a beautifully branded email signature we'll just save the changes and whenever you write an email that signature it's gonna show up for you here's your beautifully branded gmail signature have a good day happy marketing.