Facebook video downloader chrome extensions

You will learn how free download videos on Facebook by simple chrome  extension.

Today I wanted to give you a tech tip about using a Chrome extension to be able to download any videos that are right on Facebook. So maybe he went Facebook life and you wanted to download that video or maybe you see a video that pampered chef post or your team posts or whatever then you want to share with your team.

Facebook video Down loader Chrome extension

You have an easy way to download that right on Facebook, so what you want to do is you want to go to the Chrome Web Store and you can even just Google this like Chrome extension video downloader plus, that's what it's called there's little tutorial here and how to use it but I’ll walk you through it it's free and then you just click Add to Chrome which I already have mine and once it’s installed, you're going to see this little like downloads era. 

Basically this one up here so what that means it's an extension on your Chrome browser and on any group you're in, so let's say you know you go to any group that you want or you come across a video that you want to download.

 You know let's say you’re like in your group or wherever and you're like oh I want to download this video as you just kind of hover over it the little download button will appear right and you can click download then it opens up the window and you can download this video right here that means you can upload it and drag it wherever you want.

So if you download it now pick those three little dots click download' and now it's going to be in your down folder right here.

So it's an mp4 and now that you have that you can drag this mp4 anywhere you want. If for some reason this download button doesn’t appear you can just click a little arrow and then it's going to populate all the videos that it's seeing that you can download all right and then basically if you’re doing a virtual party or if you’re doing a customer group and you just want to drop and drag something you take the mp4 and you just drop it right here and now it's the actual video right in your virtual parties without a link to go somewhere and it auto place for your customers.

So you can do Facebook lives and then download them and then keep posting them and all the other parties right from your computer or obviously if you download them on your camera then it's safe to your cell phone all right, so just a quick little tip about using the Chrome extension video downloader class hope it helped you to download free Facebook videos.