Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.SEO has several advantages on other marketing tools as it is cheap or even free. if you have some knowledge about SEO than you can boost your business easily or if you are a blogger then you can earn a handsome amount from your blog by SEO. If you don't have enough knowledge about SEO than you can hire some SEO guy from any developing country at a reasonable amount.
All other digital marketing or conventional marketing tools are still expensive in comparing SEO. You have to spend tonnes of money to promote your business or product.
Besides a lot of bright things, SEO has some dark sites.the the ugliest thing you might confront in SEO is Google,s changing algorithms.
Google continuously update their algorithm. this changing can widely effect on website rankings.
In this tutorial, I will try to teach you How to do SEO in 2019 and SEO free tools, how to rank your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo first pages.

How to do SEO in 2019

I did deeply study, Google updates, I gather experts opinion and in the view of my personal SEO practices, I find out 5 key factors involved in overall SEO practices.

In 2019 these 6 SEO factors will affect your SEO practice.

1 Good and unique content
2 High .D.A backlinks
3 User interaction
4 Website Speed
5 User-interface
Let's analyze all these factors deeply.

1 Good and unique content

Google gives great value to unique content, so write unique content and avoid copy others content, Google is so smart to catch up plagiarized content. Try to write your self, write a lengthy blog or article because Google likes detail content. check your competitors content and try to write more than that, to give more weight to your content add some pictures or video in your text.

2  High  DA backlinks

Google still gives backlinks great value but not every backlink.only backlinks coming from high domain authority websites is worthy in Google not go with quantity but be focused on quality.Do some research on the internet find some quality is very important to stay away from automatic backlinks creation software, always create backlinks manually.
It is also worthy to explain when you are going to submit backlinks on other websites, try to submit different website description, do not write the same description on every website.
Social media is a very powerful tool to boost your ranking, so regularly share on social media.
Last but not least always be patient, Google will not rank your website within hours, days, or weeks, it will take months to work on regular and wait for the result.

3.User Interaction

You probably think you have written some great content, created some backlinks from high D.A websites, now your job has done. Certainly not, You need people to visit your website, Google boots regularly checking how many people visiting on your website, Google gives great value to user interaction. So try to increase visitors on your website, for traffic you can use social media, online, groups, forums, email and SMS marketing. Facebook is the best place to drive traffic for your website, spend little money on Facebook and buys likes, you will see a great result of facebook marketing.
You should not ignore other social media platforms like twitter, linkedin,Pinterest,Reddit and tumbler etc. You can drive tons of traffic to your website from these social media sources even free.

4.Website Speed

it is a normal phenomenon, everybody hates slow websites, time is precious for everyone.i personally just surpassed slow websites and go to another one, this simple science is also followed  Google. if your website is slower than Google boot can ignore your website. Website speed is now an important Google ranking improve your website speed, you can do it in different ways.
Choose the best hosting company,
 design your website, lightweight
do not use too many lengthy pictures
avoid using too many javascript files
These measures can boost your website speed and as a result, your Google ranking will definitely improve.

5.User interface

Something more organizes, more presentable attracts more people, design an attractive website using the latest front-end techniques. Google love's attractive, user-friendly websites, if your website design is outstanding and content placement is excellent it will definitely effect on your ranking.
if you check top 5 websites on google you will see most websites are designed very well, so do not ignore designing factor in 2019 how to do SEO campaign. Mobile friendly and responsive website is now crucial, so design a highly crafted and user-friendly website, it will help you to rank a website in Google and other search engines.

These seo free tools will help you to boost your SEO business in 2019.