Free Job Board Software


installation module, clean and modern mobile responsive design, easy color / theme customization with color picker, job posting, moderation & statistics, company profiles & dashboard, job applications & management (review / reject job seekers), job alerts & cron job newsletter script, built in widely used PHP & MySQL + HTML / CSS / JS, lightweight extendable source code, custom job types, categories and locations, admin CMS module / content management system, AJAX filters & search, template caching system, RSS & Sitemap generator, static pages CMS, captcha anti-spam module, database cleaner module, data feeder module, SEO manager, social media share buttons, report job feature, landing page, contact page with Google Maps integrated.

Product versions

There are 2 versions of the product. Complete software demo can be seen online.

Complete version includes premium plugins that have been developed: Job seeker profiles & 1 click job applications, Talent database, PayPal gateway integration & auto invoicing, Pricing plans to sell job and resume packages, Indeed jobs backfill & live search, Banner & Google Adsense manager

Base version that resides here on Github is a complete out of the box working job board that can be downloaded and used forever completely free. This version does not includes the premium plugins. Premium plugins and complete product have been developed to generate some revenue needed to keep the project alive so we can work and improve it.

Getting started

All you need is a domain name and hosting for a standard website.

Technical requirements

PHP 5+, mod_rewrite, mbstring and GD modules, MySQL 4.1+ or MariaDB, Apache or Nginx web server.