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About Postareno

Are you a homeowner who has a renovation project to undertake and you're looking for trusted and vetted contractors that can handle your project? Find a contractor you can trust, and for free on Postareno.

Postareno is a service that matches homeowners who have renovation projects with the best general contractors. Our matching service is completely free for homeowners. Every contractor is vetted, and verified.

Postareno is the leading destination for professional installation, assembly, repair, maintenance, and other home services from quality pros. Postareno has a network of home services professionals and contractors that make it fast and easy for you to tackle whatever's on your home's to-do list. Homeowners post renovation jobs to the Postareno platform, and get matched with the best, verified general contractors for your renovation projects, for free

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How Postareno Works For Homeowners

  • First create your account
  • Tell us about your renovation project in details. Fill out a quick form to help us understand your goals, budget, and personal preferences.
  • Receive quotes from certified and vetted contractors
  • Connect with contractors. Contractors will reach out to schedule meetings so they can put together formal estimates for your project.
  • Compare & hire. Hire a contractor based on factors that are meaningful to you.
  • We made it easy to find suppliers for your renovation needs.
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How Postareno Works For Contractors

  • Sign-up to create and set-up your account
  • Subscribe for our monthly subscription package
  • Start receiving email notifications for renovation projects
  • Apply or send quotes for renovation projects
  • Sign agreement/contract with homeowner and get the job done
  • Give on-site estimates and invoices with our smart technology invoicing system
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