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JavaScript is a popular programming language for the web. All famouse web browsers including firefox,cherome is fully supported javascript.

Javascript and javascript based technologies are essential part of web development and designing.without Javascript large website development hard to possible.

Primary use of Javascript is to enhance web pages to provide more user friendly experience.

Javascript help to dynamically updating web pages,user interface enahncments like menus,dialo boxes,animation,maps,videos etc.

Javascript is core part of dynamic html form,it is used to check form elements and implement dieffernt conditions.

Javascript is used to create picture galleries,animation,hovers,and sliders.

Webeera has large database of Javascript script,we regularly add Javascript script,tutorials, tricks,tips and games.

our Javascript resources is helpful for developers and UX designers to create best Javascript based web and mobile applications.

What we can do with javascript

1. Websites

2. Web Applications:

3. Presentations:

4. Server applications:

5. Web Servers:

6. Games:

7. Art:

8. Smartwatch apps:

9. Mobile Apps:

10. Flying Robots:

Javascript developer as profession:

You can get good job in IT industry if you have great experty in javascript.Javascript developers can earn any other developers,you can check salary estimation on differnt website you will find how much a javascript developer can earn.