How to use vlookup in excel to compare two columns

How to use vlookup in excel to compare two columns
Written by Kami Shah

VLOOKUP formula and example in excel

VLOOKUP formula and example in excel is one of the most powerful lookup functions, if your data is arranged in vertical columns, you can use the vlookup function in your data table.

VLOOKUP formula and example in excel 

VLOOKUP formula and example in excel  is one of the most powerful lookup functions, if your data is arranged in vertical columns, you can use the vlookup function in your data table.

The first column of and returns a corresponding value from the other column. The easiest way to understand this function is to look at an example, so let’s start from here. 

We have a data table containing order information. We can use vlookup to locate a product Start based on a specific order ID value. First enter the vlookup command, because you can see that the vlookup function has four parameters. 

The first parameter we will enter is the value we are trying to place in the first column of the table in our example. We want to search for the order ID number one zero.

The second parameter we need to enter is the table or source of the data that vlookup will use. The range provided must include the first column that will search for our first parameter value and the column that contains our promising results, it The cell range or name range will be provided for this parameter.

 VLOOKUP formula and example in excel

 For example, we enter the range as -b6. The third parameter we have to enter is the number of the position in the table where the return value can be found. The value one represents the first column of the table. The value of two means the second column, and so on, because we are looking for the name of the product or, we finally enter a 2 representing cell b12 b6.

The most important thing is vlookups. The fourth parameter determines the first parameter in the search. When is an exact match or an approximate match, a value of false means that vlookup is looking for an exact match. A value of true means that a fuzzy or close match will be returned, unless you have a specific reason to search for a fuzzy match. 

Always use false to return an exact match, otherwise the virtual search may return ambiguous content results. Now that we have entered all of your search parameters, let us complete the order to check the results. 

You should see the product name pair appear. Paris is the product name corresponding to the order identification number 10251 that we are looking for. If you want To see more of their search examples, or if you want to download the sample data we used in this tutorial, please visit  after some time i will add those details here.

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