How to make fast money on gta online

How to make fast money on gta online
Written by Kami Shah

Today we’re gonna be going over the absolute best ways to make money this week in gta 5 online.

It’s a brand new event week which means some brand new double money and triple money events we can make a ton of money this week.

How to make money online by playing GTA 5 online?

Today we’re gonna be going over the absolute best ways to make money this week in gta 5 online.

It’s a brand new event week which means some brand new double money and triple money events we can make a ton of money this week.

Let’s get it started i know you guys enjoy playing video games but it can be very hard to grind on every single game especially if you don’t have a lot of extra time.

The first thing we’re going to be talking about today is going to be the open wheel races they are going to be double money this week. So you can actually make a pretty decent amount of money from doing these now of course you are gonna want to have an upgraded car if you do not have this there’s almost no chance that you are going to win the race.

It’s like one in a hundred chances you’ll actually end up winning unless your entire lobby is just completely garbage but these races are actually pretty fun one of my favorite parts about open wheel races is the fact that you don’t really need to brake all that much unless there’s a very very sharp turn.


You could pretty much just drive right around it because the f1 cars have amazing down force which is one of my favorite parts and i was actually in a full lobby in an open wheel race by the end of the race obviously people will leave for me, five people ended up leaving the race and i managed to come in second place which was totally best.

I was in first place the whole race and then of course you start to lap people and the noobs get in the way and you kind of just say goodbye to everything but i still managed to come in second place and i managed to walk away with about 32 000 from a seven minute race and first place walked away with $46000.

It was also 5 laps and i didn’t have to repair my car at all throughout the entire race even though it was destroyed by the time.

I finished but honestly that’s a pretty decent amount of money. It’s not a crazy great amount of money 7 minutes and you get about $50000 if and then, i say if you come in first because it’s kind of hard to come in first for some people especially because you don’t know who you’re racing with.

There’s no skill based matchmaking in this anybody could join the lobby it could be the world’s greatest racer in gta 5 or a lobby filled with brand new players.

King of the hill


You really never know but open wheel races are definitely a great way to make money, this week definitely not the best on this list though next up is going to be king of the hill honestly it’s a pretty cool game mode it’s just like domination from call of duty you pretty much have to capture a b and c and hold it for a certain amount of time to get to a certain amount of points and you only have a certain amount of time to complete that the downside to doing.

This is the fact that nobody ever plays it even though it’s triple money nobody plays it and i think i know the reason why is because this game mode ends.

So quick most other game modes like this would have rounds but this game mode will end so incredibly fast because most of the time there’s one team that is just more over powered than the other and in the end it’ll most likely only take you at most three minutes to actually complete this game mode and you’re not gonna make that much money.

The first time i did this was with two other people and we made about $2000, which was terrible then the next time, we did this we did it with 8 people and we made $4000 and we completed it in about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Now honestly it’s a pretty cool game mode you just need people to play with and you’re gonna need a full lobby of 16 people in order to actually make a decent amount of profit like i said though the downside is it’s only one round, so this can end extremely fast and you’ll barely make any money at all or you can attempt to go for the full 10 minutes which i guarantee you’re never gonna end up doing because there’s no way on earth you are actually able to take that long in this game mode unless you don’t capture anything for the first 5 minutes like i said it’s a pretty fun game mode but you’re not going to make any money unless you can find people to do this with and like i said earlier nobody plays this game mode.

So the chances of you actually finding a full lobby of king of the hill is very very rare unless you join a lobby where there is a whole group of friends playing or you’re joining a lobby when i’m live streaming or another person is live streaming and they got all their subs in that lobby that is the only time, you’ll actually be able to find a lobby for king of the hill next up is going to be deadline this is hands down the best way and the most fun way to make money.

This week in gta 5 online the best part is it’s triple money and you only need another three people to join you in order for you guys to make a bunch of money.

Now while playing deadlines some of you may think it’s super simple but there’s actually a few tricks you need to know in order for you guys to actually win, now when you actually set up deadline.

You have two options you can either play with lives or kills now personally i like to play with lives because if you play with lives you can edge people off the side of a cliff or off the side of the track.

So if they commit suicide they lose a life but if you’re doing that with kills then they’ll just commit suicide instead of letting you get the kill on them and then you won’t get a kill and they’ll still be good and nobody will move up in points and it’s kind of like a little trick but then again if you do use kills on certain maps if you guys can edge them out from you and a wall and you hit the wall your deadline trail will end up following you against the wall and they will get stuck there.

The number one tip i can give you guys for playing deadline is going to be traps. Traps are literally your life in deadline the more traps you can create to kill your enemies makes you just a better deadline player and will make you more money in the end because obviously you want to kill them. You don’t want them to be alive you either want kills or you want them to be dead one or the other and one thing everybody likes to go for a deadline is the speed boosts everybody wants the speed boost.

So what you can do is set a trap around the speed boost what you could do is go extremely wide cut yourself in and when somebody goes for the speed boost they’ll have nowhere else to go except into your deadline trail and like i was saying earlier if you guys are just driving and you see a wall and you see a player behind you and you could tell that they are on the other side of your deadline trail which is leading them to the wall smash into the wall turn off the wall and then start to slow down and it’ll cause them to die, another trick i tend to use a lot while playing deadline is going to be just blocking off an entire path certain game modes.

You guys can see that there is two sides to this deadline track and you can actually block off an entire half of this track you can ride along the wall and then when you see one of your enemies coming up you can just make a really sharp turn and just block everything off. So they have nowhere else to go it’s really really useful and you could probably think of some other traps on your own while you’re playing this game because they’ll literally just come out of nowhere and then you can easily get them honestly it’s one of the most fun game modes and the best part is you can make a ton of money.

You can make $24000 per round if you win. Now i’m going to tell you guys a little cheat, so you guys can win and make the most amount of money every single time this would obviously be much easier, if you were doing this with friends but if you don’t have any friends to play with when you’re playing this game then you can do it solo.

It’s not that hard if you know you’re a good deadline player and i mean you know you are a good deadline player like you could pretty much win any round you go into no matter what if you’re at that stage then this is what you guys want to do win the first round absolutely slap the second round lets somebody else win then the third round you guys are going to try to win but if you see somebody else that is close to beating you that isn’t the person that just won this last round let them win. The more rounds you play means the more money you make even if you don’t win those rounds you’ll still make money second place gets like $12000.

I believe and third place gets like $6000 or $8000. So you ll be getting that extra money in the end and then you guys can win the final round get the match bonus as well and net yourself a huge profit and then by the time you go back into free mode you could have hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars in your bank account depending on how much you actually play this game mode now.

You can set the time limit to 5 minutes each time to maximize how much money you can make and that’s time spent playing the match you ll probably spend is maybe 15, 20 minutes at most but if you can win two rounds really quickly then you guys can easily walk away at the 10 minute mark.

Well guys that is gonna wrap up the article for the absolute best ways to make money this week hopefully this did help you out what i would suggest doing is playing deadline, don’t play anything else just play deadline honestly open wheel races can make you a decent amount of money but there  a 1 in 16 chance that you’re gonna win in deadline.

There’s a 1 in 4 chance you are gonna win and if you are good at the game then there’s probably a one in one chance that you’re gonna win which means you’re gonna win because obviously if you know how to play you know what you’re doing. You know how to set traps, you ll slap in this and have no problems whatsoever and make a ton of money also guys dont forget hopefully there will be some new dlc info coming out.

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