How to make a resume for first job high school student

How to make a resume for first job high school student
Written by Kami Shah

How to make a resume for first job high school student,in this detail tutorial we provide all necessary details for high school students.

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How to Make a Resume for Your High School Student: A Guide for First Time Job Seekers

The Difference of a High School Student Resume

In this section, I’m going to go into detail about how a high school student resume differs from a college student resume.

Because college students are constantly changing colleges and are usually not using the same resume for each school they go to.

That’s why I’m going to be very specific with the information.

Let’s start with the start date of employment.

The exact start date of employment depends on when the student finishes the course work at their chosen college.

Most likely, this should be the first time they actually finish the course work.

This could be at the start of the term in September or the first term in January.

At this stage, most students have a job.

Most places will give you a month’s notice that you need to get out of the place.

How to Write Your Resume?

Whether you’re a student fresh out of high school or a soon-to-be graduate with a few years of work experience under your belt, there’s nothing wrong with taking the next step in pursuing your dream career.

However, your first job is likely going to be the most challenging and intimidating step you’ve taken in a long time.

Most young people get scared away from jobs because they’re unsure of what to expect from employers.

If you’re a student in high school, you’re probably a little more tentative about finding a new career path because you might be living at home and might have other bills to pay, like tuition and student loans.

If that’s the case, it’s important to create a work resume so you have an easy path into a job and won’t fall behind in your education.

What To Include?

  • What to Look For
  • Contact Information
  • A Work History
  • A College Transcript
  • Proof of Education
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The first thing to remember when creating a resume for your high school student is to have them create a resume that fits their needs.

They have gone to school and did what they were supposed to do to get a job. This does not mean they don’t have skills, they do and they should write down what they learned.

Many times you will want to see skills that are demonstrated at work. Other skills are specific to the industry or job.

When you begin looking at creating a resume, there are several different steps to take. So, let’s look at each step.Here is the big question. What should you include on a resume? It depends on what job you want.

How many line items should a resume have?

There is no fixed number, but there are some guidelines that work best for a resume.

The typical resume has 3 or 4 sections.

Age, Education, Work Experience, Work Project

Here are examples of typical sections:

Age – usually left side (15 – 35)

Education – usually left side (15 – 25)

Work Experience – usually right side (15 – 35)

Work Project – usually right side (15 – 35)

Include all years of education and work experience in the first page of the resume. Don’t put in useless information that could be included in the profile.

The typical resume has 3 or 4 sections.

How To Create a Resume for High School Students: 7 Tips For Getting Hired

  1. Identify your skills and abilities

Why it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses and where you can improve

Why having a resume tailored to your job field is important

2. Establishing a professional brand

Creating a professional brand that sets you apart from the competition. This will help you land your first job, or begin building your skills and experience.

This is not about selling yourself, it’s about how you connect with employers.

3. List your achievements and awards

You can have multiple school activities listed on your resume, be it band, chorus or football or soccer team. These are all accomplishments that can show potential employers you have leadership abilities.

Keep all achievements in chronological order

High school experiences are not one big experience like college or work is. Most colleges and work experience are done within one to two years.

The general rule of thumb for resumes, though, is that you should keep your work experience after high school. So, why not show off your work experience during your high school years and show that you know what you are doing.

List a summary of your years in college

Ask what your goals are after graduating.

4. Choose the right resume format

You might be tempted to apply online or to a recruiter instead of creating a professional resume. But hiring managers say that by the time students reach their senior year of high school, they’re already looking ahead to college applications.

The best option, experts say, is to create a resume that is the right length and format for high school students. “A good resume format is very flexible,” Herling says. “It can be whatever you need it to be. You can put together a very efficient one if you have time to work on it, or you can do an open format and just quickly put together all your skills and education.

Which type of resume is right for your student depends on your job and the type of school you teach.

5. Create a professional email address

Add professional email address.

Don’t put the address in your name

6. Find the perfect fonts

The resume template you use will also have an impact on the overall appearance of your document. Take the time to test several layouts and choose the best one. Use the same fonts as you would use for your printed resume.

Use multiple colors

As soon as you get to high school, you will notice that most employers don’t look at resumes in black-and-white. Use several colors to make your resume stand out. You don’t have to use purple.

Link to extra curriculars

Make sure that your extra curricular are linked to your personal website, but make sure that you’re not adding a personal website to your resume. Link it somewhere else.

7. Double-check your grammar and spelling

Keep it simple

Use the MOST important activities first

Ask your teacher to look over it

Write about yourself

Check your spelling!

Don’t use the same font for each resume

List your activities

If you are planning to use an online resume builder, here are some options that are FREE to use:

Do you remember what it was like when you were in high school, and how you spent your free time?

Did you love to play a sport?

Did you spend most of your time at the library?

Did you play some sport, but still watch every episode of Friends?

These were some of the things I was into when I was in high school. As you can see, I didn’t stick to one genre. Instead, I was a roller coaster of emotions that took up my attention.

Building a resume is a huge part of how we get ready for the real world.

Add a creative section to break up the content

Make sure to follow up with students if you can’t provide enough details.

Example of a resume format for a high school student

To get the most out of your resume, it’s important to get some research done to cover the entire resume. To get the best student resume out there, follow these tips.

Add a creative section

Don’t just use a standard resume format. Let students have some creative freedom, so they can stand out from the crowd.

Instead of using a typical profile summary section, use this for each section on their resume:

Description of accomplishments. This should be a summary of things that really stand out, in addition to names and contact information.

This should be a summary of things that really stand out, in addition to names and contact information. Qualifications.


High school students, for whatever reason, are considered to be not much different from a student who is older than them.

There are some certain qualities that are often found in students who are in high school or even more junior students.

But that does not mean that high school students are not worth your attention.

For people who are part of the group of adults who are older than the ones who are in high school, it may be quite difficult to admit that they need to have a great resume to apply for a job.

But as students, our most important skill in applying for a job is our ability to think creatively and have a unique approach to solving a certain problem.

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