How to Convert Text to a Number in Excel

September 13, 2021
How to Convert Text to a Number in Excel

Sometimes when you import data from other software packages or copy and paste data, even if you try to change the format, the numbers are formatted or stored as text in Excel instead of as digital text To a number that is not there yet. To make it work, this article will show you a few different methods, you can convert text to numbers in column a.

Sometimes when you import data from other software packages or copy and paste data, even if you try to change the format, the numbers are formatted or stored as text in Excel instead of as digital text To a number that is not there yet. To make it work, this article will show you a few different methods, you can convert text to numbers in column a. 

I have a series of product numbers, and you can see them in the upper left corner of each cell. When I click on one, there is a small green triangle. There is a small exclamation mark or alert outside the cell. If I hover the mouse over the alert, it will try to tell me some information on the right side, and then a down-right arrow will pop up and a small note tells me My El number in this cell is formatted as text or there is an apostrophe in front of another indicator indicating that the item in this cell is stored as text instead of a number because it is aligned to the left. 

The cell number is usually aligned with the right side of the cell. If I click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the alert symbol, you will see the first item in the list highlighted and tell me that the number is stored as text. To change this One point, I only need to select the second item in the list to convert the text to a number. 

You will now see that the small green triangle disappears. The number is aligned to the right side of the cell, and the lower one is aligned to the left because they are still As a text store, instead of converting each cell one by one, I can convert all these cells at once by hovering the mouse over the alert symbol to highlight the cell, clicking the drop-down arrow symbol next to the alert, and then selecting the The text is converted to numbers and it should apply to all the cells I highlighted.

I will click the undo button in the toolbar. Quick access to the tool, because I want to show you another way to convert text to a number other than com. A common conversion method is to multiply the number stored as text by the number 1, for example, in cell b2 here , I can add the formula equal to 2 multiplied by 1, and then copy the formula to the column, but now you end up with 2 columns of the same data, obviously you can paste this data as a value and delete one of the columns, so there is another A way to multiply the data by the number 1 without creating duplicate columns, which is no big deal, let me delete the columns I added and put them in blank space. In the cell here, if I copy the number 1 by selecting the cell, and then click the “copy” button on the “Home” tab, I will write the number 1.

Therefore, I can use a special paste command to copy all These cells are multiplied by the number 1 to complete. I select the cells, then click the drop-down arrow below the paste button, choose Special Paste, and then click Multiply in the dialog box that appears, and finally click OK, you will see the cells It is now formatted as a number and with the right side of the cell, and since this particular method does not store the multiplication as a formula, I can simply delete the number 1 in cell c2 here, and the number in the column remains Is a number format. 

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