How to Connect Camcorder to Laptop for live streaming

How to Connect Camcorder to Laptop for live streaming
Written by Kami Shah

Detail tutorial How to Connect Camcorder to Laptop for live streaming, you can now easily will do live streaming after reading this tutorial.

How many equipment need for live streaming

The best way to broadcast your life through the internet is by using live streaming. This can be done with just about any device that has video capabilities, including camcorders,laptops,Internet connection,Live Streaming software,USB cable. 

Let’s look these devices in details

1. Camcorder


It’s important to have the right gear when streaming live video, and thankfully there are some great options available online. If you don’t plan on using it professionally then skip this, but if your occupation requires that sort of thing than buy one.

You can also use a lens with an attached camera for better quality recordings in certain conditions, just make sure they match up well enough before going out into nature or anywhere where lighting may change quickly.

2. Laptop for live streaming

Laptop for live streaming

Laptops are the new smartphones. They’re small, portable and do everything from listening to music all day long with their high-quality speakers or playing games without any problem at all.

A lot of people use laptops as their main computer because they’re so much more powerful than cell phones not just for business purposes either but also if you want something lightweight that can take some abuse then this might be perfect option available today.

3. Internet connection

With a super-fast internet connection, you will never have to worry about your video being interrupted or disconnected.
Mentioning that it’s important for people with live streaming needs also has an impact on their broadcasting experience because of how low buffering rates are in this modern day and age.

4. USB Cable

 USB Cable

You have to connect your camcorder with a USB cable in order for it work. Your laptop and the device both need ports on them that will allow you plug-in from there, so look around first.

You can buy these at any store near by or online through Amazon if necessary too, we recommend doing some quick research before purchasing anything expensive though just as precautionary measures because things often go wrong when buying something off of internet sites without knowing what kind of quality they will deliver.

5. VGA Cable

VGA Cable

You need a USB port or an alternative requirement if your laptop doesn’t have one. You can use the VGA cable to connect it with camcorders that support this connection type, and obviously, make sure they’re compatible.

I’m going over some important things you should know before starting live-streaming like what software will work best for me (i recommend Luv Is War), how much space on my hard drive etc, so read ahead carefully because there’s no turning back now.

6. Video broadcasting software

The next thing you need to do is install a broadcasting software on your laptop. There’s tons of them out there, and some are paid while others come for free.

Get what works best with yours like Bebo broadcast, it can be done within minutes using Amazon marketplace.

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about ” distances” between cities being cut down thanks largely due technology advances such as cell phone coverage increasing exponentially each year which allows people living outside large urban areas access digital communication tools previously reserved solely for inhabitants closer.

7. Channels

If you want to live-stream your video, then it’s important that the channel is set up.
Of course there are many ways for people who don’t yet have their own special YouTube Channel (or those looking into starting one), but if this sounds like something interesting and exciting.

How to start live streaming process

If you want an easy process for connecting these two pieces of equipment together then look no further than our exclusive software called Livestreamer Plus which allows users like yourself take their videos straight off camera directly onto computer screen live via YouTube or Facebook etc.

Without ever having recorded anything themselves beforehand, saving time in post production later on when posting content online manually instead doing all work ahead-of-time by connecting them together.

Now that you have all of the equipment you need, it’s time to learn how to connect your camcorder to your laptop. This process is actually very simple, and should only take a few minutes to complete.

The first step is to make sure that both devices are turned on and that they are connected to the same wireless network. Once you have verified this, open up the webcam app on your laptop and select the option to add a new device.

Next, you will need to scan for the camera on your network. Once it appears in the list, select it and click connect. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the device.

We recommend using something descriptive, like “bedroom cam.”

You can now test your camera by clicking the “Preview” button. If everything works properly, you should start seeing a live view of what the webcam is pointing at on your screen.

Once you have verified that everything is working properly, click the “OK” button and exit out of the app. You will then be prompted to save all of your settings as a preset, so that they will be available whenever you need them in the future.

Save it to an easily accessible location, we recommend saving it onto your desktop for easy access.

The most common way to stream is through free broadcasting software. You can download it and use that, or you could also go the more low-tech route with an old camcorder.

There are tons of different streaming sites out there, some allow for downloading a program, so they don’t require any additional hardware on your part (like Ustream). Others just provide links without giving anything else at all like blogs in this situation.

Now click the broadcasting software and scroll through the setup interface to make a new account. From there, you will be able button through all of your settings in order for it to work perfectly with what’s going on at home or wherever else you happen use this device.

Now plug in the one end of a USB cable to your camcorder and then connect it with another device. If you have VGA ports on both devices, set up will be easier, if not just make sure that there’s an adapter available for connecting them together through their respective ports or cables.

Click the broadcast button to start your live video stream.

You can find it in any streaming software program that you have installed on your laptop. The “Go Live” or ‘Start Streaming’ might reads depending what kind of device is being used for internet connection, but they both lead viewers straight into an interactive experience where anything could happen at anytime, including interviews with famous people who would love nothing more than chatting about their favorite topic: SAYING SIMPLE THINGS THAT MAKE PEOPLE SMILES.


Connecting your camcorder to a laptop is not an easy task. Fortunately, we have provided you all the possible ways so it would be simple and straightforward for opening up connections on both devices.

You can give this new knowledge try by following these steps above and I am certain that after doing so there will no longer remain any difficulties in connecting them together.

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