How to add dates in Excel automatically

How to add dates in Excel automatically
Written by Kami Shah

One of the basic skills of Microsoft Excel is the ability to automatically fill in the data in the worksheet, which is useful for anyone who has to enter the month in the worksheet, maybe the day of the week in the worksheet is work.

One of the basic skills of Microsoft Excel is the ability to automatically fill in the data in the worksheet, which is useful for anyone who has to enter the month in the worksheet, maybe the day of the week in the worksheet is work.

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Microsoft Excel has a built-in function called AutoComplete, which allows you to easily use the mouse to fill in the end dates of the month, day, and week on the worksheet in a certain way. This article will show you how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 For more information about the auto-fill function in Excel 2010, please read the article.

 I am using Excel 2010. I want to demonstrate the automatic billing data function in Excel 2010. On the contrary, click the notification in the spreadsheet. I will enter the first month of the year whole word. I will complete the input by clicking Enter. Now what I want to do is fill in all the months of the year in the spreadsheet, so all I have to do is move the mouse to the lower right corner of the spreadsheet.

The active cell is a small black dot. I put the mouse on the black spot. I will get the black cross, which is a handle. I will hold down the mouse button. I will drag it to line 13 and they will fill every month of the year. For me, warm and long. You want to do the same thing again. I’m going to put a short form for one month at this time. 

The short form for one month is the first three characters and does not have a period. Click the check mark, like So I’m in October, I’ll go to the bottom right corner of that cell, I’ll get a black cross, I’ll drag it across the column of say J, I’ll drop it, and it will fill in a short form of the year For several months, this was called bottling, so that it can be integrated into Microsoft Excel.

You can use it to complete the months in long or short form, these are the same as the days of the week. I put the short form of Monday in the first three characters and clicked the check mark. 

There is a black cross in the lower right corner of the cell and drag it down four or five r This is a short form to fill in the days of the week. I do not intend to extend the number of days of the week, but in this case, all I have to do is work full-time on Monday or work on Tuesday and use the black dragon handle. 

Fill in the information again, you can also use auto-fill to put the month into the spreadsheet, sorry to put the date into the spreadsheet now, when I do, I would suggest people to always use when I put the date into the spreadsheet My number format. Since I am setting it to month, day, and year, the machine year may be slightly different. For example, your year may be day-month, so I want to go back in time. 

will enter the second digit of February. Place a forward slash on February 22nd and February 24th, 2012. I will click the check mark. 2012 is a leap year. I will go to the lower right corner of the cell Caleb Black crosses and drags it down.

 It says Highway 15 or so will fill in the information for me, because it is a leap year, it will go to February 29, if it is not a leap year, it will continue to the first of March, it won Excluding the first processed on March 28th I still selected these cells, so online I am not going to change the appearance of the date to a more readable format, so I will go to the ribbon and click on the date box , I will move down and put in a long day, it will be a long day for me.

I want them to be aligned to the left, so I will click the left alignment button to move them to the left cell I can use auto Fill in to com to fill in the month, working day and date. You can also use it to keep accounts. I’m going to cell e3. I won’t take the first one. Click the check mark

Now if I want to count them one by one, I don’t want everything now. It’s on my keyboard. I hold down the Ctrl button and go to the bottom right corner of the cell, or make my first number forget the black cross. Drag down multiple lines. I release the mouse first.

Release the second control button again. All I do is enter my first number. I will click the check mark. I hold down the control button on the keyboard and drag it down Move the mouse to count when it is released. First, I have to fill in the maximum value.

 I control it first. If I want to count sequentially, I only copy the numbers for myself. For example, I want to count from the number 20, and I want to count from ten. Ten starts counting. 

The keyboard goes to the next cell, I enter the next number in the sequence and press Enter again, then I go back and use the selection tool of the white cross, I only select two cells and then I go to the bottom right corner in these two cells , The bar and I drag it. Down, now I want to count by 10, this is another example, suppose I want to count by orders, so I enter 1.25 to start. I will write the next number in the sequence, which is the point 5 and zero. I will go back and choose.

These two cells are the lower right corners of the two cells and drag multiple rows down there. Now the line cutting is 1.25 125 and so on. Maybe you want to add a few decimal places, so I will look for the ribbon and I will click the decimal increase button to place non-decimals or it can reduce decimals but to remove decimals I choose to call it autofill data job months days You can use it to calculate the leaked date. 

You can also use the first one to fill in the date series, so I want to go down to another cell. This time what I want to do is I don’t want to enter all the dates, but I want to enter in the series The 7th date, so I will start to go through in June, so June 1, 2013, June 1, 2013, I will move the cell down. I will write down a date in order, in this case it is 7 days from the first day to June 8, 2013 I will go back and use the selection tool to select these two cells white cross I will go to the bottom right corner In these two cells with black crosses, drag them down multiple rows instead of w. 

I am counting and now fill in the data in the weeks from June 1st to June 8th to June 15th , So it seems to point to knowing a line of business in the future, so it is a good source. Fill in the information on the worksheet here. The best month and day count of the week. Wow, I found its value is that it can help you no longer need to write information on your worksheet in the future, if you have to write down the month worksheet of the month The months of the year or the dates in one just use the feature we showed you in the article called AutoComplete Information in Microsoft Excel. 

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