How to download GTA 5 mod menu

GTA 5 mod Menu download
Written by Kami Shah

I’ll be showing you how to install a mod menu on GTA 5 PC.How you can GTA 5 mod menu download PS4, How you can GTA 5 mod Menu download.

I’ll be showing you  how to install a mod menu on GTA 5 PC.How you can GTA 5 mod menu download PS4, How you can GTA 5 mod Menu download.  

So for the first step you  will need to come to a script top 5 website a link to this website will be down in  below.  So once you guys are here all you  will need to do is scroll down and find this download link. Now once you guys are here just hit the download button and your download will start and complete.

So next you  will need to actually come to this mod menu and just hit the big green download button the link to this website will also be down below. So that makes it much easier for you guys to find but once you guys are here just hit the download button and then just hit download once again and your download will start and be complete, so once you guys with the 2 files downloaded the mod menu unscripted 5.

You guys are good to go but once you guys have done that all you guys want to do is head over to gta5 application right click and open file location’ this will locate your GTA 5 inventory if you guys aren’t steam yours may be different from mine.

So you guys just want to find the GTA 5 inventory and then you guys are good to go. So once you guys have located the GTA 5 inventory all you guys want to do from here is go over to your script  5 folder on that you downloaded and inside of this you  should have a bin folder and you guys want to head into that and then from here all you guys want to do is copy these three files over into your GTA 5 inventory.

Your strike and draw already have them, so ask me to replace them something to quickly replace him and then from here, we can just move over to the next step.

So for the next step all you guys want to do is open up your mod menu folder and then from here all you guys want to do is just highlight the menu ASI and the menu store folder and all you guys want to do from here is just drag and drop into GTA5 inventory.

I’m just going to replace it once again and basically that is pretty much how you install the mod menu all we need to do from here is load of GTA 5 and the menu should be good and complete. I’m going to load it up and show you guys that everything works.  You guys can probably tell we have loaded into GTA 5 story mode from here all you guys wouldn’t do is hit f8 on your keyboard and you guys should be greeted with a mod menu looking just like mine with this you guys come literally.

 You guys can literally spawn any vehicle, you want.  You guys need to do anything with this mod menu, you guys can’t have literally unlimited amount of fun and  I’m just going to show you guys what this menu can do right now. So let’s go and have some fun, so one thing I forgot to mention about this mod menu was that you can actually spawn in other mods for example I have a BMW add-on mod installed but all you guys will need to do is go to vehicle options and go to vehicle spawning and then just jump to the bottom  input model for example I ever been with w8 mod install and it says to spawning by the name.

I ate so I’ll just type in I a hit enter and as you guys can see we have the BMW i8 in front of us. So that is pretty much how you can spawn mods or the mods in using this mod menu but anyways let’s go and have some fun from the other side.

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