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What is Resume and How to write best resume

We will teach you how to write best resume or CV

I teach you how to build your brand and make money online today we're going to be talking about resume tips.

I'm going to be giving you tips on best practices for your resume.

How to format each section

What sections you need and all of that great stuff and these tips are things that I use to get internships at Elle magazine NBC Universal and Google.

These tips I have tried and they have worked out for me.

How to write Resume

I know it's boring but those are the things that will be easy to read if a job recruiter cannot read your resume.

How are they going to know if you're qualified for the job also you should use 12-point font the smallest

You should go is about 10 the key is to make it easy to read so that they can get straight into.

Who you are

What you do and what you are excellent at

One thing I'll see you in a lot of resumes is people putting too much personal stuff on the resume so don't include a picture of yourself

Don't include your age or your religion or anything like that on your resume also this is kind of new and the new kind of age of job searching I wouldn't even include your address on there I would include your city and state the address isn't really necessary.

If you get the job then you can give them your full street address another reason not to give out your address is if you're printing them out and handing them out career fairs you don't know if it's gonna get lost and then somebody will have your whole job history and where you live so that's never good.

How to Design Resume

Avoid Personal Pronouns

So I just say do your city and state and hold off on the address my last quick tip before we get into the sections on your resume is to do not use personal pronouns and by that do not use I, her he, she,it do not use personal pronouns that is not how to correctly write your resume.

So if you say I did this I helped on board five new team members to on-boarded five new team members.So once you remove those personal pronouns at the beginning of your bullet point, you'll start to realize that the first word is going to be an action verb. So you want those verbs to be strong so instead of saying, I plan a new marketing plan you might say strategize a new marketing plan so getting strong action verbs at the beginning of your bullet points but we'll talk more about your bullet points once you get into your experience.

So now that you have the quick tips and you've audited your resume hopefully you've been able to make some edits.

You might have but now let's get into the sections of your resume the first section is your heading, so you're hitting is where you're having your name your city and state and your email address as well as any relevant links.

So if you have a website or portfolio or your link and I always recommend doing your LinkedIn on there just so it's easy to know how to contact you make sure everything is spelled right. Here your phone number this is the most critical section because it's where they're gonna contact you the second section should be your education.


Education is so important especially if you are a college graduate or you're especially if you're in college or college graduate or you done something special with your education. You should not list anything on there from high school unless you're a freshman in college and you don't really have anything but if you're looking for more things to put in your education. You might consider putting relevant course work I don't have this on my resume because my resume is full but if you're needing to add and fill some of that white space add relevant course work that is relevant to the job you're applying to you might also list your GPA on here, If it's a 3.5 or above and your major or overall and that's all my tips with the education section.

Work Experience

So let's get into the next section which is your work experience. So here you're going to listen chronological order with the dates the month in the year that you worked at each position gonna have the company you're gonna have the city, it was in and you're also gonna have the position title.

I recommend putting three to five bullet points that are basically full statements about what you did or accomplished and the way you format your bullet points.

I learned this when I was interviewing for Google is you talk about what the problem was what your solution was and what the results were once you implemented your solution and the key thing is to be very specific in and your results section talk about numbers talk about statistics talk about anything that you can add a value to so it's easier to visualize.

So you might start off with an action verb so you might say strategize new campaign for declining sales on this product and raise revenue by 3%.

Sorry I didn't think about that off the top of my head but that's an example of something you might do to kind of really just talk about the whole story and that's one bullet.

So you might have three to five bullets that are like that once again.


The next section is the honors and activity section, So this is a great place to choose this anything that you've been awarded and you type the clubs organizations. You're in and your college and things like that the last section is your skills section so this is where you talk about any types of skills.

You have computer software language anything that you think is relevant to the job I would list here definitely do not line this section do not say you are an advanced coder when you don't know how to code because some surprised interviews will have you actually showcase that you can do what you said you could do on your resume or you don't want to be that person who gets there on the first day and they're like do this and you can't do that, So only list of skills that you know how to do, if you're just starting to learn something then put beginner next to it just so it's clearly articulated what your skills are so now that you know all the sections of your resume.

Let's just end off with some quick tips and big mistakes you want to avoid

When you're doing your final edits on your resume, so first references do not put references are available upon request.

It's 2020 everyone knows that's just taking up space like don't put that on there another tip I have is to eliminate white space so if you only have filled up half the page. You need to figure out how to fill that other half of the page without making the font size 72 point.

You know so you have to really think about what you did what you accomplished anything like that can fill space like I said you can do things like relevant course work maybe expand upon your skills and things like that my next tip is to format on Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator.

If you're more advanced if possible the reason is if you use something like canva where you export it sometimes those documents are not readable when you submit them to an online portal so basically the way resumes are reviewed.

Nowadays is you'll apply to the job online and then they'll take the job description and they'll basically say give me resumes that have skills and photography and then if you have photography on your resume it will pull your resume.

So you want your resume to be readable and scannable and things like that and my last tip goes along with that so since basically a computer is reading your resume.

It's so important to read your job description thoroughly and highlight things that are relevant to you that you have and make sure it's on your resume in 2020.

You're fairly going to be submitting the same exact resume to every job you should be tweaking your resume so it has the same keywords on the job description that are also on your resume.

So you'll go through the job description highlight key words key skills that you have and then make sure it's on your resume so if it says Adobe suite on the job description make sure.

You say Adobe suite on your skills so those are all my tips for resumes to get your resume on point.