What is Dream League Soccer and how it will play in 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021
Written by Kami Shah

Let’s go the best known soccer or football to the rest of the world simulator today is the FIFA series and as everything quite popular it is a free alternative to FIFA.

Let’s go the best known soccer or football to the rest of the world simulator today is the FIFA series and as everything quite popular it is a free alternative to FIFA.

Let’s meet  Dream League soccer  graphically the game reminds me of well pretty much any other football simulator that makes sense.

I have to tell you though the graphics here aren’t the most impressive but quite decent overall the football players all have different faces and shadows from spotlights dynamically change however cut scenes with the audience are not shown to us probably developers couldn’t draw the crowd adequately and decided to use other methods that in general is good.

Sometimes less is more after all the physical engine is also quite good. When we speak about free soccer games, I always remember dozens of videos on YouTube in which the laws of physics cease to exist and players fall through the ground writhing strange poses and soon by the way FIFA has been guilty of such things as well but during the time that I was playing nothing out of the ordinary happened though I might just be lucky at the beginning of the game.

You receive a message that it’s time together your team then you select the team captain from a quite a big list of real-life layers the point of the game’s certainly to win a match by scoring more goals in your opponent and this leads us to the control system in the left part of the screen.

There’s joystick which we use to send a player to the necessary side and on the right side three buttons a B and C which are responsible for kicking the ball and players of the enemy team. Well a is a strong kick for distance B a short kick and C if we’rearcing your kick up or at least differently than air B would do special skills aren’t required here because the bots in this game are rather stupid by the way.

There is a training mode it could be individual where you develop the skill of one player and command you can develop your a defense attack handling and so on naturally all of this costs money which of course you don’t have at the beginning and also advertising there is so much of it that it gets out even during the game and is super annoying.

I totally get it that the game is free and they have to pay for it somehow but it is just too much oh by the way if you go crazy and violate the rules too obviously your player receives a red card, can be side lined for some matches you can get a dirty drop on an enemy but you have to be careful about it.

Well what can I say about the game in general it’s not as rich or as fancy as FIFA.

There are less opportunities and more defects but in general it is still quite playable. 

Below you can download Dream league soccer Android and IOS.

Dream League Soccer Android Download

Dream League Soccer IOS Download

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