Doctor Management System project in PHP

August 29, 2021
Doctor Management System project in PHP

The doctor appointment system is the best way to make the completion of your doctor’s appointments easy and hassle-free. With dates, times, location and other relevant information, you will be able to keep track of all your appointments in one place.

Your patients can enjoy the pleasure of being seen by a doctor in a friendly and professional atmosphere with this appointment system. The room is fully equipped with: Digital counter, Digital thermometer, Digital scale, Digital stethoscope, Digital blood pressure, Digital pulse monitor. Your patients will be able to book an appointment on your system with just one step of the digital keypad. This is a simple but fancy solution for both you and your patients.


Admin demo
password: admin

If you looking more advance doctor appointment software, we will develop complete advance doctor appointment software for you.

Package include

  • Doctor appointment website
  • Doctor appointment Android app
  • Doctor appointment IOS App
  • Doctor appointment  Windows software
  • Add local payment system
  • Other plugins as required

For order please contact us on:

Skype: hifiscripts

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