Best bases in clash of clans

September 14, 2021
Best bases in clash of clans

In this detail tutorial you will learn bases in clash of clans.

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In this detail tutorial you will learn bases in clash of clans.

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A war farming and trophy base for every town hall level and a ton of information on base building, this is a mammoth tutorial.

I am going to tell you throughout it about base building and why the bases are good clash champs have provided us with pro custom built bases for the higher town hall levels town hall.

One is the tutorial can’t build a base there and town hall 2 and 3 you can’t copy base links but the bases really aren’t too bad at this level. You can use the same one for war farm or trophy pushing and it’s really about trying to protect against the attacks.

You are likely to be attacked by so at lower level the splash damage defenses such as the mortar are hugely important and this is a theme that you will see going throughout the tutorial defending the attacks that you’re likely to be attacked with at town hall 4.

You can now copy base links but you can only store one base, so I’ve merged the farming and trophy bases together this base provides good coverage of your storages and it’s also difficult to take down from a trophy pushing perspective but in war you are trying to defend the three star.

Best bases in clash of clans

So a centralized air defense is pretty important to defend against clan castle balloons which are common at this level corner builder huts are also pretty good at low level because you’re more likely to trip people up and make them time fill from town hall 5 is where I will provide you with a farm trophy and war base because now you can store two bases to be honest.

You could interchangeably use the farming and trophy bases they all protect your storages pretty well but the main difference in a trophy base is you’re more heavily trying to defend the three stars such as the centralized air defense here whilst also baiting your town hall

So notice we have a few traps around it the main difference in a war base is it’s all about protecting the 3 stars.  You’re not worried about town hall placement until you get higher-up in this space.

 We have good spring trap placement for clan castle hog riders whilst also difficult to get to air defenses for those clan castle balloons before we move to town hall 6.

I think it’s important to mention where you can go to get more bases, I like the clash champs website it’s very easy to select your town hall level.

The type of base you are looking for and it brings up all of the different layouts you can then copy which link you want just know that if you are copying base links it’s never going to be as good as if you design it yourself because people might have seen it.

I do have my base building basics guide which you might want to check out but you could also purchase bases from pro builders this is what the pro website for clash champs looks like.  You can use code judo for 10 off and again they did actually provide us with custom pro-built bases exclusively for this tutorial from town hall 6.

You can really start to distinguish between a farming and trophy base for a farming base you need to protect your storages with splash defenses because you’re going to be attacked with botch jibe arch goblins however for atrophy base it’s kind of the opposite because you need the splash to protect the town hall.

 So you use the storages on the other side of the splash to the outside of the base because your opponent is going to have to get through these high hp buildings, since you’re not worried about losing loot for a war base. I like compartments at this level; it protects your main defenses it’s hard for a general player to plan against if they’re not too technical in the game and although you can’t make your clan castle non-lurable at this level.

You can certainly try and keep it centralized so if your opponent doesn’t lure it they’re still battling the clan castle troops in the center of the base town hall 7

 The game starts to get a bit more interesting you have the premium resource of dark elixir.  I’m sure you want to protect this to get your king to level 5 as soon as possible, you also need to start spreading out your storages now that you’re getting more, so we have some to the north and some to the south because if you had them all together and someone cracked into that area they get everything for a trophy base.

You need to defend dragons and hog riders, I really like this ring style base because now we have 3 air defense at town hall 7. We never used to a few years back dragons are difficult to get to the center where we have one air defense.

 We also have coverage from the sweeper and hog riders will run around the base if the opponent does not break the defensive ring for a war base.  You’re also defending these two strategies, so air defense are placed well in this base and also we have a double giant bomb covered with splash damage and a group of small bombs in the same principle meaning hog riders might still go down in this area even if heel is used fun fact this base was built and shared by the pro team vertang town hall 8 and you might be asking is this a farming base.

Yes think about what I said in the previous town hall levels. I’m also going to expand as we move along but all of the storages are spread out it’s difficult for someone to get everything.

We have good splash damage coverage of them all and the centralized clan castle means no matter what angle someone attacks from when they get to the storages the clan castle troops engage now for atrophy base.

You’re starting to spread your base out, so it’s not weak from any one direction pathing is difficult and we also have good air defense coverage splash coverage this also translates to a war base.

 You need to make sure you’re not weak to one area, so when we look at a town hall eight base we only have three air defense. We have one in each quadrant with an air sweeper pointing down to the south where we have teals to helping that area but we also have the good splash coverage whilst also thinking about the giant bombs and spring traps following on from the principles of keeping your storages spread out for a farm base remember the higher town hall level you go the stronger troops your opponent has.

They’re more likely to get to the center, so you don’t want all of your storages there whilst some of your storages might be exposed on the outside of the base. It’s very easy to switch them to better protect the resource you have the most of if you are enjoying this tutorial and want to see my educational but entertaining clash of clans tutorial.

It’s difficult to get into the town hall from the near side and even harder from the opposite side for the war base, we have wizard tower and air defense to one half of the base meaning alavaloon can’t necessarily deal with all of that whilst taking out the queen which is at the other side of the base with a tesla farm and red air bombs.

It also means sending a kill squad to the town hall is incredibly difficult and by the way if you are looking at improving your town hall 9 attack strategies.

 I recently did a top 5, I’ll be sure to link it for you right here at town hall 10 the inferno towers change everything in protecting your loot would recommend multi-mode in order to defend the quick cheap farming armies if you’re looking for a farming base you’re more than likely lower down in the leagues.

So that’s what you will be attacked with this base protects them very well has these storages spread out and the de-centralized when we start looking at trophy bases.

 They start to become similar to war bases at this level but you’re trying to protect your town hall little bit better maybe even bait people into the town hall because it’s a storage people are more than likely attacking via the town hall area.

So you can bait people in but when it comes to war it is all about defending the three star.  So you will see bases with the town hall at the corner of the map people ask why this is it’s because it’s an anti-three star base an anti 2 star base aims to defend the town hall and the 2 star but an anti 3 star base which is recommended for war the town halls on the outside the reason for this at town hall 10 and 11 is to mess with siege machine pathing.

It means the wall wrecker or battle blimp is difficult to pass to a certain area of the base it’s not until town hall 12 when it becomes a defense if you’re a town hall 10 looking at attack strategies, I recently did a tutorial that will help you out. I have hinted towards this in the previous town hall levels but the higher up you go the more your farming base will start to look like a trophy base because you do need to defend in order to help protect your spread out storages however the main difference in a trophy base is you don’t really care about the loot.

So you use the storages to sometimes even just gain free trophies the dark elixir storage right at the top or you can also use them to protect the defenses when it comes to war though the eagle artillery is your major defense.

So in this base it is right in the center difficult to get to lava loon pathing is a nightmare on this base and again town hall to the side because of siege machine pathing but we’ve also got teals there as well just in case anyone wanted to snipe it off.

 We are getting there my friends your town hall 12 farming base what I like about this one is that particularly at higher level players tend to attack in towards the town hall.

So it’s not easy to path in there it’s very trapped and to the other side of the base we therefore have a lot of storages protected there’s also the eagle and inferno towers.

 So it’s more difficult for people to get all of the way through the base and that in turn protects your loot haven’t mentioned.  So far in the article but sometimes my limited edition obstacles prevented me from showing the base exactly the same as with the link in the below.

So sometimes it’s a little bit different but at town hall 12, you’ll get a lot of spam bow witch style attacks this base is incredible to defend that it’s very difficult to funnel and path to the center however for war you’re trying to defend a lot of other strategies lava loon being one of the keys.

So notice how the air defense are pushed out and we have the tornado trap as well as red air bombs in the center there’s no way that a lava hound could pass over that area to set off the traps, so it means when balloons hit the middle they are going to get shredded and remember a lot of the principles.

I am talking about throughout this article are applied to any town hall level ,so you can do the same principle as this to defend lava loon at different town hall levels that’s where the value is really listening and grabbing the base link right at the end of the article.

I love using this town hall 13 base to farm particularly when I’m trying to save dark elixir the storage in the center is very well protected and the other storages are spread out but also somewhat centralized however this base defends really well.

The town hall is protected bytes a and you would think the teals are spread around the base meanwhile the eagle is protected by single and two expos, so this base actually defends pretty good for me however in trophy pushing this is the custom-built base that was provided by clash champs again it follows the principles of the town hall 9 base the town hall a little bit baited.

You’d think the teals farm is in front of the town hall but actually it’s somewhat to the side in order to try and mess with pathing and you also have this centralized inferno tower to try and shred through a lot of the troops notice the air bombs as well following the principles.

We discussed at town hall 12,for war this is your pro-custom-built base it has a somewhat baited town hall with the tornado trap clan castle troops and scatter within range but also we have the single inferno for a hero dive tesla farm to the west to make funneling bit difficult into the town hall perhaps with a grand warden walk but what I like about this base is the thin channel with the scatter shot because it’s hard to path troops in there but also people will naturally use the heel and grand warden through this area but elsewhere on the base we have double giant bombs.

So that could very easily catch people out I did promise you the judo sloth base in case anyone wanted to use it this is a progress based by the way if you don’t know what that is it’s purely a base you set up to easily identify which buildings you still need to upgrade you do not use it to defend obviously although you could use it for your legend home village base if you do want that base alongside any of the bases.

 I’ve showed you every single links in the below and if you want to know the best troops to put in your clan castle to defend, I did a article on the best clan castle troops for every level I have it linked here alongside the subscribe button I hope it helps you guys take care enjoy the rest of your day.


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